Audible & Visual Fire Alarms & Control Panels to Safeguard Your Business.

Keeping people safe is really the bottom line.

Hochiki Control Panels Conventional 2/4 zone fire alarm control panel and 2/4/8 zone expandable fire alarm control panel. Easy configuration via push buttons and SLIDE switches on the front panel. Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel. Using Hochiki’s advanced DCP protocol for fast and robust communication. Up to 127 sensors & modules, plus 127 analog sounder bases, for a total of 254 points possible per loop.

Fireshield Control Panel the ideal solution for both new and retrofit installations. It consists of three, five and 10 zone conventional fire alarm control panels.

Quickstart Control Panel from its simple front panel programming, to its PC-based configuration utility, this control panel brings big-system features to even the smallest installation. Life safety control for people who like to do things the easy way.

Horns and Strobes not much bigger than a deck of playing cards. A powerful range of features and cost saving advantages all rolled into a sleek, attractive design.

Detectors: smoke, heat and carbon monoxide

  • Rate-of-Rise Heat Sensor detects danger in areas where high heat may normally occur.
  • Carbon Monoxide sensor provides early warning of dangerous carbon monoxide gas.
  • Photoelectric smoke sensors inform the control panel that an unacceptable level of smoke is in the room being monitored.
  • Reflective and Projected Beam Detectors designed for smoke detection in large spaces such as halls, warehouse, museums, theatres etc., where conventional point detection is impractical or more costly.

The CWSI wireless fire alarm product line offers system versatility like none other. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology (FHSS), coupled with Bi-directional RF Communication, Repeater Network Architecture and 200 Second Supervisory Polling, provides for the industry’s most secure and reliable wireless fire alarm network.
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