Warns of any intrusion attempts made by unwanted visitors to your property.

There are two basic types of burglar alarms available on the market today – hard-wired and wireless.  The most significant difference is that the former has to be wired directly into the home’s electrical source whereas the latter alarms do not.  However, both are effective deterrents and help to prevent being victimized by a burglar.  Originally, all burglar alarms were the hard-wired type.  However, with advancements in technology and numerous innovations, the wireless systems have moved to the forefront.

There are several key advantages that wireless burglar alarms have over the hard-wired types and the following should be considered whenever you are planning on purchasing and installing one of these systems:

Cost – budget is always the primary consideration here and despite the fact that wireless burglar alarms may cost less initially, once you add the charge for installation into the equation, the overall cost is significantly less expensive.

Convenience – wireless systems are very convenient and easy to install.  There’s no drilling through walls, no moving of furniture, and patchwork to be done.


Honeywell Wireless and Wired Systems, the Vista Series 21IP to 128BPT, for the smallest Residential appartment to large scale Commercial deployments. Features include wireless keypads and electronic touch screen pannels.

The  LYNX Touch sleek touchscreen – the largest in the security industry – features large, clear, easy-to-read icons and menu-driven prompts that walk home owners through operation. The simplified interface also reduces the time needed for end users to operate the system. Additionally, using Honeywell’s 5800-Z-Wave Bridge to connect to devices that communicate via the Z-Wave protocol, LYNX Touch can set-or change thermostats or turn off lights when the system is armed.

All Systems have the capability of having smoke, heat, glass breaks, carbon monoxide and water detectors to trip alarm and alert the appropriate authorities.



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