Audible & Visual Fire Alarms and Control Panels to Safeguard Your Home.

Keeping people safe is really the bottom line.

Selectron has a selection of modern wireless and wired smoke alarms. The older 110v smoke detectors are generally considered unreliable and and are prone to false alarms. Another advantage of our systems is that they can tie into existing or new alarm installations so the Fire Department can be dispatched immediately.

Detectors: smoke, heat, water and carbon monoxide

  • Rate-of-Rise Heat Sensor detects danger in areas where high heat may normally occur.
  • Water Detectors are commonly used in flood prone areas such as Basements, Laundry and Pump Rooms.
  • Carbon Monoxide sensor provides early warning of dangerous carbon monoxide gas.
  • Photoelectric smoke sensors inform the control panel that an unacceptable level of smoke is in the room being monitored.


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