Provide convenience and limit traffic in gated communities, apartment complexes, condominiums, private homes and businesses.

We offer three different styles of gate operators: Slide, Swing and Barrier. All three styles keep the vehicle outside the facility until the telephone entry system, access control system, or a guard permits entrance.

These operators can be actuated by various access control devices, such as radio controls, single and three button control stations, digital keypads, telephone entry systems, intercom systems, vehicle sensing loops, etc.

A Slide Operator can be used when there is limited space behind the secured facility, so the gate runs parallel to the fence or wall.

Slide Gate Operators range from light to heavy-duty depending on the size of the entrance and quantity of open/close cycles.

Commercial Swing Gate operators can be used on either single or double drive vehicular gates.

They can be used on a wide assortment of gate styles and heights in order to automate your entry and exit points. They will enable you to control and add security to the flow of traffic in and out of your property.

You can add a variety of access control systems available that will enhance the capabilities of your gate operator.

Increased personal security with gates operated from the safety of your car making sure your family and pets will be safe and secure.

Electric Barrier Arm Gate operators are designed to effectively control vehicular traffic. They are very reliable machines that require little maintenance. Barrier Arm Gates can also be an economical means to maintain control and add security to the key access points of your property.

Many manufacturers of vehicular gate operators now offer battery powered convenience open systems that provide a method to open the gate when primary (AC) power is removed.

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