Digital Video Security Overview

Video Security is becoming more widespread everyday as a means of keeping track of loved ones, locations, entryways, and more. Originally designed to monitor safety concerns, video security is continually evolving making it the ideal solution for many types of home uses.

Why Digital Video Security?

There are four basic reasons why people want to use a digital video security system:

To help IDENTIFY perpetrators
To help PREVENT accidents or wrongdoing
To help PROTECT people and property
To help OBSERVE processes

Selectron currently liaises with the Bermuda Police Service several times a month to remove footage from our Residential and Business clients for reasons ranging from Burglaries to Serious Crimes.

Who can benefit from a Video Security System?

All these things and many more are possible through video security systems.

Home Owners can protect their assets and have authorities alerted if they are home or not.

What do I need?

The basic components of video security systems are a security camera, a display monitor, and a recorder. In a large system, of course, there can be a number of security cameras and recorders. The days of using VCR’s and tapes are long gone now, today you will be provided with a computerised Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to cater for anything from four cameras for your house and up to hundreds…

Selectron can offer two types of systems, the traditional Analog cameras and as the industry is changing and becoming more computerised, we offer high performance IP based camera systems, the advantage being very high resolutions and unmatched zoom quality.

We also offer Super low light cameras, pan/tilt/zoom domes that respond at a speed of 360 degrees per second or thermal imaging cameras that give an image in total darkness.

Web Based World

Selectron now offers online viewing of your systems from anywhere in the world to give you piece of mind and can even offer solutions to view on mobile phone platforms such as Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.

Call us or stop by the office for a Demonstration of our systems.

CCTV Products

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