Washington Properties HDCVI CCTV Replacement Project

Washington Properties HDCVI CCTV Replacement Project

The brief of this security system project was to upgrade the existing Selectron installed CCTV camera system at Washington Properties, located at 26  Church Street in Hamilton, to HD quality without replacing the existing wiring.

This was achieved by utilizing the new STORM range of cameras from our Montreal based supplier Inaxsys, that have built in HDCVI technology.

High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) technology

HDCVI is a video standard that enables users to transmit HD video over existing coaxial cable infrastructure—ideal for lowering costs and maximizing return on investment. First introduced by Dahua in 2012, HDCVI’s capabilities have been expanded over the years. The current standard, HDCVI 3.0, has a few key attributes that make it well-suited for this client.

HDCVI 3.0 is the first technology to provide up to 4K resolution in systems based on a coax infrastructure. It also boasts Starlight technology, allowing for crisp, clear, images in near-darkness, down to 0.008 lux. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) of 120dB to 140dB, depending on the model, further supports the camera in challenging lighting environments.

Intelligent features – e.g., smart tracking, face recognition, people counting, heat mapping, and smart scene adaption – are supported by HDCVI 3.0. As a result, users can enjoy greater system functionality than would otherwise be possible on an analog system. Some other intelligent features are intrusion detection, virtual tripwire, detection of missing and abandoned objects, and scene change. Because system design can be simplified and rip-and-replace costs are eliminated through HDCVI 3.0, all of these features can be enjoyed with a lower overall client investment.

ARKIV Software

Washington Properties were also our first client to take advantage of the new video analytics again offered by Inaxsys from Montreal, with the ARKIV software.

ARKIV is a powerful, open-platform Intelligent Video Management Software integrating the latest video analytics functions, including :

  • Motion Detection
  • Facial and License Plate Recognition
  • People Counting

Also available through its web service, ARKIV allows you to access your recordings via a web browser and a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Industry leaders have identified ARKIV as a major enhancement to all commercial CCTV camera systems and the perfect fit for Selectron when securing Bermuda’s largest shopping mall.


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