West Hamilton Ltd

West Hamilton Ltd Choose WX Door Access Control System for Security Upgrade at Pitts Bay Road Offices

Selectron are pleased to announce that the public property and investment company, West Hamilton Ltd upgraded security at their offices on Pitts Bay Road with the installation of a WX Protégé door access control system from Inaxsys in Montreal.

The WX door access control system has the added convenience of the ICT client app that enables 24/7 remote control of the sixteen doors and elevator in this office space. The web-based interface allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere, the office, home or on the road. All you need is an internet connection, and you can have full visibility of all your sites. Anywhere, anytime ease of access. You can use access cards, tags or even your mobile phone for entry. Super easy to manage and use. An ideal access control solution for all sizes of businesses.

West Hamilton Ltd WX Door Access Control

For details of our comprehensive range door access control, intrusion detection systems, dual path IP/LTE 24/7 emergency response monitoring, network-based CCTV camera systems, AV cabling and points along with client system apps please contact sales@selectron.bm or call our Operations Office in Smith’s on 236-4181.

At Selectron our solutions help you meet the increased challenges of today’s security and surveillance, enabling you to improve safety by reducing and preventing security breaches and accidents. Find out more about us >>

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