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More Video Storage with Honeywell Total Connect

With cloud solutions becoming popular in today’s world and an ever increasing shift seen in storage needs among end users, cloud based storage can mean RMR for dealers and integrators. Yes, we understand your needs! Honeywell now brings to you video storage enhancement across the versatile Honeywell Total Connect Video IP Camera product portfolio. Based on our dealer’s feedback, video storage on Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 accounts is now increased from 100 MB to 500 MB. That means, your residential users can now get five times more video, that is, nearly 500 clips of 5-10......

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Protect your most valuable asset and provide Peace of Mind

We supply & install a wide variety of home security products tailored to your budget needs. •   Experience Superior Protection •   Fast Alarm Response •   24 Hour Monitoring •   Intruder Alarms •   Exclusive Keyholding Service •   Honeywell Total Connect •   Fire Alarms •   CCTV •   Gate Operators •   Intercom Systems •   Controlled Lighting •   Security Monitoring via a Central Station...

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What's new in CCTV for Residential and Commercial Security

Do you know the HUGE Benefit of EZHD-TVI? There are thousands and thousands of analog systems worldwide. You may have setup many systems yourself or maybe you own an outdated analog system. People often miss the HUGE benefit of EZHD-TVI.You are replacing the recorder and the cameras and leaving the wires. You may or may not want to replace all the cameras. That’s the beauty of EZHD-TVI. You can upgrade, as you need. Replace your DVR with an EZHD-TVI recorder and replace the cameras that are most important for a clear shot, for example......

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Protect your home 24 hours a day from unwanted water damage caused by leaks from pipes, appliances, faucets and more with the Leak Gopher Valve Controller. Water use appliances are the singles largest culprit in home water leaks and floods. Preventing an appliance leak or other household water leak from becoming a flood nightmare is the primary goal of Leak Gopher. Leak Gopher leak management system not only detects leaks and shuts off the water flow, but it is also internet connected to send you an immediate alert notification via text and......

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Analog vs IP Solutions

For a long time analog surveillance solutions have lead the way amongst retailers looking to protect their investments and products. As both technology and retailers needs haves moved on, analog systems have struggled to meet the demands needed for modern surveillance solutions in terms of image resolution and central management. Of course, a complete overhaul from analog to IP to meet those demands does not come cheap, so being able to integrate older systems with the new ones over time became an important factor when looking to upgrade. A great example of the benefits of IP......

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