Do you Know the HUGE Benefit of EZHD-TVI? 


There are thousands and thousands of analog systems worldwide. You may have setup many systems yourself or maybe you own an outdated analog system.

People often miss the HUGE benefit of EZHD-TVI.You are replacing the recorder and the cameras and leaving the wires. You may or may not want to replace all the cameras. That’s the beauty of EZHD-TVI. You can upgrade, as you need. Replace your DVR with an EZHD-TVI recorder and replace the cameras that are most important for a clear shot, for example maybe just replace an entrance or cash register camera and do the rest when you can.


Top 5 Benefits of EZ HD-TVI Equipment

#1 Superior Image Quality
The difference between EZHD-TVI & Analog is incredible. EZHD-TVI offers more pixels, superior resolution and the ability to zoom like no other. You need to see the difference to believe the increase in image quality. 

  • EZHD-TVI provides 614% MORE pixels than a traditional analog camera which translates to an AMAZING picture quality
  • EZHD-TVI allows you to zoom into the image after the fact without the same distortion as typical analog
  • Crisp, Clear, Un-pixelated images

#2 Triple Technology Recording
Intelligent Video Inputs with the EZHD-T Triple Technology Recorders offer a tremendous amount of flexibility to utilize your EZHD-TVI security system to its fullest potential.

  • Connect 1080p/720p/SD Analog to ANY Input + Additional Bonus OMNI IP Channels.
    • Connect Analog Cameras
    • Connect 1080p/720p TVI Cameras
    • Connect Bonus OMNI IP Cameras

#3 Easy & Familiar Installation
Operation over almost any wire with the ability to run long distances over coax. This can be new coax or coax that is already existing for a simple system upgrade.

  • Run More than 1500 Feet on RG6
  • Run More than 1000 Feet on standard RG59 Coax
  • Run More than 500 Feet on UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

#4 Install as a New System or Easily Upgrade an Existing System
EZHD-TVI will work if you are installing as a new system or if you have an existing system and would like to upgrade to EZHD-TVI equipment.

  • Install as a new system with new EZHD-TVI cameras and EZHD-T Triple Technology recorders.
  • Upgrade existing systems by utilizing existing wire and replacing the cameras and DVR for a simpler and more cost effective installation.
  • Upgrade existing systems by utilizing existing wire, and replacing the DVR with an EZHD-T DVR and retaining existing analog cameras. With EZHD-TVI it is easy to keep some of the existing analog cameras on your system and upgrade priority cameras with newer EZHD-TVI technology. Then when you are ready (and after you see the difference in quality) you will want to upgrade them all!

#5 EZHD-TVI Offers Superior Image Quality at a Very Cost Effective Price
EZHD-TVI is technology you can afford on any budget. Affordable and flexible systems!

  • Technology that offers superior quality and is affordable.
  • Upgrade to EZHD-TVI for prices that are comparable with new analog systems or even more cost effective!
  • You have the option to upgrade cameras as you can afford to do so. With EZHD-T Triple technology recorders you can keep part of your existing system and later upgrade additional cameras. This offers a lot of flexibility and a huge savings on having to rerun wires.
  • Utilize all the FREE software and applications.
    • FREE iOS and Android Apps for phones & tablets
    • FREE CMS (Central Managment System)
    • FREE MAC Software



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