What is a security system?

A security system starts with a control panel. Usually located in a closet or a basement, the control panel contains the brains of the security system, and essentially operates as a central computer. Various sensors connect to the control panel from locations throughout your home. If your security system is armed and the sensors detect a problem, they send signals to the control panel. The control panel automatically informs you or dials the central monitoring station, where the proper authorities are notified.

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home can range from fully automated, with every appliance controlled, to a more basic system controlling lighting or home entertainment equipment. The technology varies between manufacturers. Larger-scale automation systems operate with computer software, while smaller installations use a single thermostat-like control panel. High-end systems can include voice-control features. Some of the devices you can control through home automation include your furnace, air conditioner, lighting, security equipment, entertainment systems, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, and even curtains.

What is Home Automation and Network Integration?

Intelligent homes, smart homes are becoming a common description of what is available and expected today in the home. Allowing personal choice of equipment and the ability to integrate with a central building control system. Controlling the home environment you live in for instance lighting, temperature, audio, visual, Internet are all available at the touch of a button. With one command a whole sequence of automated functions can commence.

What are the benefits?

Safety and security are the biggest benefits to a home automation system – lighting and sound/motion sensors are connected to a computer program that track activity 24 hours a day.

The ability to control thermostats and lighting can save energy. While any $50 programmable thermostat can raise or lower room temperature automatically, automatic lighting can help reduce energy costs.
In the home market these include time saving from repetitive actions, cost savings from increased control and most of all an enjoyable relaxing smart home. Such equipped homes attract substantial premiums on resale.

When is the right time?

Now is the time to take advantage of this 21st century technology to provide you with the latest time saving devices, security protection and all benefits which your automated \’smart\’ house will bring. Look at the features and products available on our web site and then talk to us.

What do the products look like?

We will show you all the products that will be used for your system installation at the consultation, giving you a choice that will fit with your home or office decor.

How to help secure your home or office?

Security involves more than fitting an alarm, deadlocks or keyed window locks. Another important element is using them – every time you leave your home, even when only for a short time.

Develop the habit of always locking your doors and windows, and if you have an alarm, switching it on. Items such as push bikes, power tools and gardening tools should always be securely locked away in the garden shed or garage. Unfortunately, security systems are often not activated. Lock up and activate your alarm system every time you leave your home and help reduce the risk of home burglary.

What is a control panel?

The control panel is the \”brains\” of your Security System. All detectors and devices communicate with the control panel. Based on how your security system is programmed your control panel (which is essentially a computer), will react in specific ways to the communication it receives from the various detectors.

What does the keypad do?

You operate your security system by entering your security code at the keypad. Generally located at entry doors, keypads can arm and disarm with push-button ease, and literally put security at your family’s fingertips!

How does wireless work?

An ITI wireless security system for your home or business monitors every door, window and other entryways for unwanted intrusions; detect fire and smoke; and even track temperature and lighting. As easy to operate as a touchtone telephone. Wireless control systems can be controlled by a simple to use touch pad on your wall, a handheld touch pad you can use any where or even a key chain touch pad you can carry with you in your pocket or purse.