5 Home Safety Tips for a Very Merry Christmas

5 Home Safety Tips for a Very Merry Christmas

Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, an opportunity for fun and festivities. But that could all be ruined if somebody breaks into your home. No – we’re not talking about Santa down the chimney, but an uninvited visitor. Sadly, statistics indicate that burglaries around this time of the year spike exponentially.

Make sure you don’t get caught out over the festive period. Read on for 5 safety tips to keep your home secure this Christmas.

1. Hide presents

One of the reasons thieves target homes at Christmas is because they know they’ll find the latest tech, brand new and even wrapped for them. Make sure your presents aren’t on show from the outside of your house. The same goes with packaging. Don’t leave your outside bin bulging with iPhone boxes and discarded shopping bags from expensive shops.

2. Keep quiet on social media

We understand that you’re going to be out and about over the festive period. But you don’t want it to be obvious to strangers that you’re out. Make it look like you’re inside by leaving some lights on. If you’re going away for Christmas, invest in timers that turn lights on automatically at set times. Or, for a cheaper option, as a relative or trusted neighbour to pop in and turn the lights on or off.

3. Make your home “lived in”

Of course. The benefits of home automation are open to everyone. All you need to decide is what kind of automation would be best for you. If you’re working to a strict budget, you can probably live without the convenience of automated heating and simply switch the heating on as soon as you get in. However, things like automated lighting are far more affordable and provide more than just convenience. Keeping your home safe by deterring burglars is an invaluable asset.

4. Be careful with spare keys

Some homeowners leave keys under plant pots or doormats in case of emergency. Don’t take the risk. If you’re worried you’ll end up locked out, give a key to a trusted neighbour or relative. Leaving a key is a risky strategy all year round, but even more so at Christmas when thieves are on the lookout for easy targets.

4. Check your home security

There are a few different tricks to stop your home becoming an easy target. But your security is there for a reason – and it’s essential you check its fit for purpose and use it. Here are some key areas of security to check on your home:

  • Locks – When leaving your house, make sure you lock all windows and doors securely
  • Alarms – Check your alarm system is working, and remember to set it whenever you leave the home
  • Cameras – Security cameras outside your home don’t only help catch criminals, they also act as a deterrent

Put security top of your Christmas list

Investing in security for your home might not be the most exciting thing this Christmas, but it could save you a lot of stress, upset and money over the festive period. If you’re looking to protect your home, family and contents, Selectron can help.

We cover all bases of home-security – from camera and alarm systems to automated lighting – so you don’t have to worry about break-ins and burglaries while you’re enjoying the festivities. Get in touch today to see how we can help make your home safer.

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