6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an Alarm System

Choosing the right alarm system is crucial. For homeowners, your alarm system helps protect your property, your possessions and – most importantly – your loved ones. For commercial property owners, it is key to the security and ongoing success of your business.

As you can see, getting the right alarm system for your property is essential. Read on as we look at 6 questions to ask yourself before you make the choice…

1. What is my budget?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is how much you would want to spend. It’s hard to put a set price on your safety and security but having a rough budget in mind will help when shopping for equipment as well as monthly services. There’s something for every budget and our team are happy to help advise you on the best solution available for the amount you want to spend.

2. What do I need my alarm for?

Many property owners install alarm systems solely for security concerns. But what about fire? The Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service attended over a thousand building fire alarm activations over the course of 2016. Fires aren’t just started by human error, with many caused by faulty appliances and poor wiring. It’s definitely worth protecting your property from fire with a combined intruder and fire detection system, rather than just intruder detection alone.

All of our Honeywell systems can have wireless smoke and heat detectors added seamlessly, at a very low cost and be monitored 24/7 to give your property total security coverage.

3. Do I need a monitored alarm?

Monitored alarms alert the authorities immediately in case of any issues. Whether it’s a fire or an intruder, you get an immediate response from the fire and rescue service or police. The result is a faster resolution, stopping fire from spreading and potentially saving your property and contents from intruders.

A fully monitored fire and intruder detection system will also qualify you for discounts from Bermuda-based insurance providers on your building and contents insurance.

4. How long will I have my property?

Are you planning to move home or sell your property? That doesn’t mean you should put off installing an alarm system. Just think how disastrous a break in or fire would be when you’re trying to sell. A good security system will also help to add value and appeal to your property.

5. Do I need additional security features?

An effective alarm system is just one part of your security set-up. You can make your property even more secure with gate operation systems, which give you extra control over who enters your property. How about surveillance cameras or CCTV? These added extras work to complement your alarm system and give you complete peace of mind.

6. Which provider should I choose?

It’s one thing choosing the right product, but you should also consider the best provider for your needs. You want experience, expert installation and support that keeps your mind at ease.

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