I Have a Guard Dog: Is That Enough to Secure My Home?

I Have a Guard Dog: Is That Enough to Secure My Home?

Security is paramount for homeowners. You need a secure home to protect both your valuables and – most importantly – your loved ones.

For some homeowners, a guard dog is their main deterrent – but is this really enough to protect their property? Can a barking hound discourage burglars or alert passers-by? Read on as we ask the question: is a guard dog enough when it comes to securing your home?

Man’s Best Friend

It isn’t inaccurate to say dogs are man’s best friend. Studies have shown that they process language in a similar way to us and they have evolved a number of traits that aren’t present in wolves. Scientists also found that dogs who stared into human eyes for longer experienced a significant rise in oxytocin levels – a chemical associated with love and happiness. Again, this was something they didn’t find with wolves and their owners.

All in all, it’s pretty clear that dogs have evolved to be very close to humans. However, this doesn’t necessarily make them good when it comes to protecting your home. One of the main reasons why a dog might not be the best form of security is because dogs aren’t always exclusive with their love for their owners. While your dog might feel a special bond with you, that won’t stop him or her running towards an intruder with a frantically wagging tail, as this video shows:

Protecting Your Friend

The vast majority of dogs will react in this way – it’s in their DNA. That’s why dogs don’t really work as a deterrent. But let’s say your dog has been trained to attack intruders. This brings up two problems. Firstly, your beloved pet, best friend and companion could be seriously harmed. Do you really want your dog running towards a potentially armed intruder?

Then there’s the legal complications if they do hurt the intruder. While that person may be on your property, anything more than self-defence or restraining becomes a bit fuzzy in the law. The same is true for your dog, which could even see you liable for manslaughter if your guard dog takes things too far.

You Don’t Need A Guard Dog

To sum things up – dogs are man’s best friend. And this is exactly why they should never be used as guard dogs. There are much better options when it comes to home security. Intruder alarms and CCTV do far more to deter burglars, raise the alarm and catch culprits should the worst happen. And they do so without risking legal complications or bringing any harm to your beloved pets.

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