3 Benefits of a Security Building Report

3 Benefits of a Security Building Report

Whether you’re a building owner or property manager, the safety and security of your building is paramount. To some, this can seem overwhelming. Testing, inspection and maintenance with countless regulations and standards. Where do you begin?

In this post, we’ll discuss how a security building report can make life a whole lot easier – with three key benefits.

What is a security building report?

A security building report is a full report of your building or site that provides details about any system hardware. This includes a review of its condition from an inspection or test, a review of relevant regulations or standards and any required maintenance to keep it safe, functional and compliant.

Selectron’s comprehensive building reports have three clear benefits…

1.    Peace of mind

As the owner or manager of a building, there are certain things you can do to check everything is in working order. Basic fire alarm tests and visual inspections will give you a bit of an idea as to how everything’s working – but they don’t tell you the full story.

With a building report, you get an expert inspection and test of all your security and safety equipment. This is done by people who are familiar with all the relevant regulations and standards, so when it’s complete, you can rest assured your building is completely safe and compliant.

2.    Cost-effective

The saying goes that prevention is better than the cure. That’s certainly true when it comes to safety and security systems. A full and thorough building report will outline any maintenance that’s required to keep your fire detectors, access control or leak management systems in full working order.

This could help you avoid a break-in, flood or disastrous fire in future. That means sidestepping all the stress, damage, loss and huge costs that come with those incidents – all for the relatively affordable cost of a building report.

3.    Easy

As discussed above, a standard building report gives you peace of mind and potential savings. But how do you keep track of all the different systems, checks and compliances? That’s where our state-of-the-art software comes in.

At Selectron, we use the purpose-built BuildingReports system on all of our security and safety reports. Customers can find everything they need to know in a single place for total peace of mind. This also allows us to list any deficiencies clearly for our clients, with the option to authorise maintenance work at the click of a button.

Book your building report

If you want to make sure your building is completely safe and secure, a comprehensive building report is the best way to do so. Having worked on commercial sites across Bermuda, the team at Selectron has unparalleled knowledge of all the local codes, regulations and standards, meaning we’re best-placed to inspect and test your security systems.

Get in touch with us today to book your building report or find out more about our services.

At Selectron our solutions help you meet the increased challenges of today’s security and surveillance, enabling you to improve safety by reducing and preventing security breaches and accidents. Find out more about us >>

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