3 Places You Shouldn’t Put A Security Camera

3 Places You Shouldn’t Put A Security Camera

Security cameras are a great way to deter criminals, as well as helping the authorities catch them should the worst happen. But to maximise their efficacy, placement is key. In this post, we’ll explain where you should and shouldn’t be putting your security cameras.

Security camera placement basics

Firstly, what constitutes a ‘well-placed’ area? It’s easy to think that hiding your cameras surreptitiously in a plant pot is the best way to catch potential burglars. And although focusing them on certain areas is a good plan when positioning cameras, it’s vital to recognise where the best places are and which ones you should stay clear of.

The best areas to focus your camera on are:

  • The front door
  • The side and back doors
  • First-floor windows
  • Your garage if you have one

Now, let’s have a look at 3 places where you shouldn’t put a security camera.

1. Somewhere out of sight

Visible security equipment is one of the biggest deterrents for burglars. An opportunistic intruder won’t want the risk of getting their image caught on camera. So, be obvious with your security cameras.

Keeping them hidden is not nearly as effective as having them in plain sight. Potential intruders will think again if they notice that you have a strong security system. Are the cameras linked to alarms and motion sensors? Causing doubt in an intruder’s mind will go a long way to put them off from trying to break into your property.

2. Areas that violate the privacy of others

Security camera positioning can be a sensitive topic. You want your property kept safe and monitored by high-quality cameras. But you also don’t want to end up with legal trouble if your neighbour is not happy when the footage infringes on their privacy.

You are allowed to position cameras to record public pavements. But be careful that they are not focused on private places outside your own home – in particular, your neighbour’s home.

Note: If your security system is for a commercial property, make sure that the areas in and around bathrooms are clear of cameras too.

3. Anywhere with obstructions

It might seem like a good idea to place a camera on a high shelf behind a few books. Or positioned discreetly on an outside windowsill. While this method could help catch some inexperienced burglars, it is not the most effective way.

Chances are your camera will end up getting knocked off the shelf by a hyper pet or obstructions in the garden (waving tree branches) could affect any footage captured. Obstructions can also cause false alarms if your cameras use motion detection.

Get your camera placement right

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