4 Common Causes of Fire – And How to Prevent Them

4 Common Causes of Fire – And How to Prevent Them

Fire Prevention Week runs from 3rd-9th October 2021. As Bermuda’s security experts, we’re dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of fire – and how you can stay safe and secure by minimising the chance of them occurring.

Read on as we look at four common causes of fire and how to prevent them.

1. Wiring

Faulty, aged and damaged electrical wiring is one of the most common causes of both commercial and domestic fires.

Even the smallest kink in a wire can cause electrical resistance, which leads to heat building up and an electrical fire breaking out. Alternatively, the system might become overloaded by too much electricity – with outdated breakers unable to prevent a fire.

To stop this happening at your property, make sure your electrical outlets and wiring installation is checked regularly by an authorised electrician. That’s especially important if your installation is over 20 years old.

2. Appliances

The world of security can be a wilderness if you go it alone. It’s much better to contact a security expert who can help you navigate all of the different options available so you can get the right system the first time around.

If you’re working to a budget, security professionals can recommend affordable options from reputable brands. Instead of stooping to substandard equipment, they can help you find solid, reliable products without some of the bells and whistles some customers pay extra for.

It’s also important to choose an intruder alarm that’s been tried and tested for Bermuda’s climate and Bermudian properties. Again, this is an area where local experts can help – as they will know which products are suitable for your home or commercial building, as well as its surroundings.

3. Storage

Some of the worst fires occur when heat sources are combined with anything flammable or combustible. Sounds obvious, right? Still, all too often, flammable liquids and combustible materials are stored in unsuitable locations near naked flames or other heat sources. When the worst happens and a fire starts, the results can be devastating.

The advice here is simple. Do not leave any flammable liquids or combustible materials near any naked flames or other heat sources. When storing such items, consider the surroundings and how things would play out in the event of a fire.

4. Negligence

Finally, there’s negligent behaviour. We’re talking about appliances and machinery being left on and unattended. This could include leaving the microwave to heat your food for a few minutes or letting heavy machinery do its thing while you focus on something else.

Whatever the case, if a fire starts, you won’t be there to switch off the power supply, and it could easily escalate into something uncontrollable. When electrical equipment is not being used, make sure you turn it off – and when it is in use, stick around to oversee it.

Prepare for the worst

The saying goes, ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst’. Naturally, we all hope for the best in terms of fires being avoided. But, if the worst case scenario does occur – a fire actually starts – it’s important to keep your property prepared.

At Selectron, we supply and install auditory and visual fire alarms and control panels to safeguard homes and businesses in Bermuda. Our expert team will choose the right equipment to suit your requirements and budget, then install it professionally for your complete peace of mind going forward.

Contact us today to talk more about fire alarms for your property.

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