4 Construction Site Security Tips for Contractors

4 Construction Site Security Tips for Contractors

Security is paramount on construction sites. Without it, you could have unauthorised people getting in and your valuable equipment being taken out. But while they’re often packed full of health and safety measures to protect people, construction sites aren’t always up to scratch when it comes to protecting their equipment.

In this post, we’ll look at four invaluable tips to help contractors keep their construction site secure.

Is my site under threat?

Thieves aren’t the most complex people. They’re looking for an easy target. Somewhere they can get valuable items without much effort. All too often, construction sites fall into this category.

By nature, construction sites are packed full of valuable materials, equipment and even machinery. When they’re used day in, day out, it’s not usually practical to take them off-site at the end of every day.

Working with them for weeks, months and even years, contractors often forget just how valuable these materials and pieces of equipment are to thieves too. That can lead to a lax attitude when it comes to storing things away and locking them up – especially if the heavens open at closing time.

All of the above make it crucial to have security measures in place that ensure the site is protected from opportunist thieves throughout the day and the night.

1. Access control

The first concern for any construction site is who’s on site. For both security and safety, it’s important that no unauthorised people are allowed on site near equipment that’s potentially dangerous and valuable.

To stay on top of this, equip your site with an innovative access control system. Whether it’s one entry and exit or multiple points, you can monitor who enters and leaves the site and restrict access around the clock.

As well as keeping your site secure, this can help with employee monitoring – whether it’s for fire safety or just clocking staff hours.

2. Surveillance

Next on the list is video surveillance. Adding cameras to key points of your site, such as entrances, parking bays and storage units, can help you monitor your site in real time to trigger alerts to security staff or other employees.

It’s also useful if something does go wrong as you review and understand the nature of the security breach. Also, having video footage of criminals damaging or stealing equipment will be invaluable when it comes to bringing them to justice.

3. Intruder Alarms

Not every site can be monitored around the clock. That’s where intruder alarms can help. First and foremost, they show thieves that they won’t be able to get in and out unnoticed overnight or over the weekend. In most cases, this is enough to deter them altogether.

Should thieves still attempt a burglary, the alarms will alert passers-by, your security staff or even directly alert the authorities.

4. Fire Safety

Last but certainly not least is fire safety. Having equipment and materials damaged by fire is just as much a threat to security as having them stolen. Every construction site should be equipped with audible and visual fire alarms to keep people and equipment safe. During commercial renovations, heat detector coverage is required within the construction zones as per the BFRS & NFPA code.

Consider local regulatory standards too

Most countries have obligatory standards in place to keep companies compliant with fire and life safety. Bermuda is no different. At Selectron, we offer a comprehensive building report for complete peace of mind. Our team will inspect and assess the systems you have in place to check for compliance and provide assistance with changes where required.

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