4 Security Products for Your Christmas List

4 Security Products for Your Christmas List

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s fair to say we’ve all got presents on our mind. Whether it’s people to buy for or just items you wouldn’t mind receiving yourself, a Christmas list is a great way to stay organised in the lead up to the big day.

What better way to treat yourself, your family and your home this Christmas than with some state-of-the-art home security? Read on as we look at four security products that are perfect for any Christmas list.

1. Honeywell Home Keypad

Introducing the newest keypad for Honeywell’s VISTA Systems – the Honeywell Home 6290W. The 7-inch touchscreen device provides a simple way to manage your home security system with ease. Choose from pre-prepared settings to arm and disarm your security system, then get instant updates with clear voice annunciation about the nature and location of any alarm that’s raised.

When not in use, the keypad can even blend into your home by acting as a digital photo frame.

2. Smart cameras

Your existing camera system might do a decent job of watching over your property. But if anything happens, you’ll need to spend hours sifting through footage from different angles to see where and when the event occurred.

That’s where smart cameras from STORM are different. With facial recognition, motion detection and even tripwire functions, they can cut out all the work and take your straight to the time and place you need on your surveillance footage.

3. Video doorbell

Video doorbells have gone from an unfamiliar novelty to something that is genuinely useful for access control. In short, they allow you to check who’s at your door before opening it. That can be really useful with pushy salespeople or just anyone suspicious.

With the best systems, you can even view real-time footage and communicate with them remotely from your smartphone. Got a package? Tell the courier where to leave it. See someone sniffing around looking suspect? Make them think you’re inside the house, or just call the police.

You can wave goodbye to ‘knock knock’ jokes. You’ll know exactly who’s at the door at all times. That provides invaluable peace of mind all year round.

4. Smart lighting

Lighting control in your home is more affordable than ever, making it a perfect addition to any Christmas list. It offers convenience, energy efficiency and even extra security for your home. With advanced bulbs, you can also make sure lighting is set to suit your mood, choosing from custom lighting levels or even different colours.

Switch lights on and off remotely or have them turn on or off at certain times. With remote access, you can even change the lighting while you’re away from home, creating the impression that you’re inside to deter potential burglars.

Put peace of mind in your Christmas stockings

Forget perfume and gadgets. What better gift is there this Christmas than complete peace of mind?

At Selectron, we offer a wide range of industry-leading home security products. However you want to secure your home this Christmas, we’re here to help. Let our team know about your requirements and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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