4 Top Tips to Prevent a House Break-In

4 Top Tips to Prevent a House Break-In

Home burglaries can leave you feeling lost, vulnerable and concerned. Will you ever see your possessions again? Is your home unsafe? What if the burglars confronted you or your loved ones?

Fortunately, with comprehensive home security systems, you can reduce the risk of falling victim to a burglar. Read on as we take you through our 4 top tips for preventing a house break-in.

1. Art of deception

Burglars are far less likely to attempt to break into your home if they think you’re inside. Using automated lighting, you can fool potential thieves into thinking you’re at home. You can set your lights to switch on and off at particular times, creating the illusion of people being home.

So, whether you’re out at dinner or away on a trip, your home won’t give anything away. It’s also worth getting your neighbours to check in to collect your mail, to avoid a build-up in your letterbox or mailbox – a clear sign that nobody is home.

2. Caught on camera

For some people, the chance to be on camera is an opportunity not to be missed. But, for potential burglars, knowing that they’re on film is a huge deterrent. With video surveillance and CCTV set up around your home, the threat of being caught on camera is enough to put burglars off.

Even if you don’t regularly check the footage, the sight of them alone will put even the boldest of thieves off. If the worst does happen, you’ll be in a much better position to identify the culprits.

3. Sound the alarm

The best and easiest way to deter burglars is to install intruder alarms around your home. If anyone attempts to break into your house, the alarm will sound and alert local authorities as well as the surrounding area.

Typically, the sound alone is enough to scare off unwanted visitors. But, if the burglar is persistent with their actions, the police will be aware of the break-in and ready to respond quickly. Intruder alarms that alert the authorities are a must for people who travel often. Even if you’re not around to respond to the alert, the local police will be.

4. Lock it up

For the most safety conscious, automated gates are one of the best ways to boost your home security. Intruders will be less likely to even make it to your property, with hydraulic or electric gates surrounding your home.

Potential burglars won’t have their eyes on any of your prized possessions. If anyone attempts to scale the gate to gain entry, they’ll leave themselves open to being spotted by local residents.

You can even install cameras outside your gate, so you know exactly who’s coming before granting access.

Protect your home

If you’re concerned about the possibility of a house break-in, or you would just like to put your mind at rest, Selectron are here to help. Our range of intruder alarms, security cameras and automatic gates will protect your home and possessions from the hands of thieves.

If you’re unsure about the best solution for you, our security experts are always on hand to provide you with advice and guidance on how best to protect your home and keep yourself, and your belongings, safe from intrusion.

Make Your Home Safer

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