5 Common Causes of Fire at Home and Work

5 Common Causes of Fire at Home and Work

Fire-related statistics can be a shocking read. According to the US Fire Administration, there were 350,000 house fires in 2022 alone.  And there were 115 recorded deaths from fire in the workplace in the same year.

Worryingly, a surprising number of people don’t know how to deal with an unexpected fire. But it is something that everyone should be prepared for, as the common causes of fire are things that can often be avoided.

In this post, we’ll list five of the most common causes of fire.

1. Faulty electrical equipment

Whether at home or in the workplace, the risk of faulty electric equipment is huge. In a family home, overloaded sockets and plugs are a common sight, as each member of the family charges devices and use multiple appliances at the same time.

A lot of office equipment – such as laptops, monitors, phones, printers, heating and air conditioning equipment – can be dated and prone to malfunctioning, which increases its chances of sparking a fire.

2. Cigarettes

Smoking accounts for 23% of fire-related deaths in the US. Cigarettes need to be disposed of appropriately as they can become a source of ignition and create a fire extremely quickly.

In both the home and the workplace, there are multiple risks related to smoking. Falling asleep on the sofa at night with a cigarette in your hand. Going a few minutes over your smoke break and heading back to your desk in a rush. Or even leaving an e-cigarette unattended while charging if the charger or device are faulty.

3. Cooking accidents

Ovens are the most likely appliance to cause a kitchen fire, as grease fires can start even without exposure to an open flame. Forgetting to turn off the hob, dropping pots and pans and overheating food are other common causes of fire in the kitchen. This is a serious, widespread problem, whether it’s a busy, commercial kitchen to a domestic one.

4. Human error

Not every fire is caused by faulty equipment or on purpose. Many are caused by human error. For example, burnt food, improper use of machinery in a workplace, spilling flammable liquids or ignoring health and safety when rushing a task.

This can happen both in the workplace and in the home, as both environments are full of hazards that can lead to a fire breaking out.

5. Clutter

Clutter can very easily turn into a pile of combustible material that starts a fast-spreading fire. Full cupboards, a stuffed garage or garden shed or an overflowing attic or basement– there are a lot of areas that can hold combustible materials.

The same can also be said for workplaces. Areas such as stationary cupboards, cleaning stores with flammable liquids, workshops and kitchen stores can all cause a fire risk. In the event of an evacuation, clutter could block exits and stop people from escaping safely.

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