5 Different Types of Operated Gates

5 Different Types of Operated Gates

Operated gates are a great way to enhance security, boost convenience and even improve curb appeal for your property. But they’re far from a one-size-fits-all solution. There are actually a number of different types of operated gates to choose from, offering different functionality as well as a distinct appearance.

Read on as we look at 5 types of operated gate…

1. Swing gates

When it comes to traditional gates, swing gates are probably the most familiar variety. Operating like a conventional door, they swing open and shut as and when required. With operated gates, this action is simply operated by an access control device, either manually or automatically, to securely open and close the gates.

2. Slide gates

Another of the most common operated gate varieties is the slide gate. Slide operators are ideal when there is limited space behind the gate. That’s because they run parallel to your fence or wall, requiring no swing space for the gate’s operation.

3. Barrier arms

Onto one of the most popular options for commercial sites – the barrier arm. Designed to control vehicular traffic, barrier arms use a simple arm-like barrier (hence the name) which is temporarily moved up to allow traffic to pass through. They’re a reliable and low-maintenance way to stay in control of your site’s access roads.

4. Vertical lift gate

While the three types of gate listed above are the most common throughout Bermuda, you can also opt for a vertical lift gate. As the name suggests, this type of gate sees the gate lifted upwards to allow people or vehicles to pass beneath. Like the slide gate, it’s a good space-saving option where swing gates cannot be accommodated.

5. Pivot gate

Somewhere in-between a slide gate and vertical lift is the pivot or ‘vertical pivot’ gate. When opened, the gates lift away, operating on a pivot at either or both sides of the entranceway. As well as being space-efficient, they’re known for being fast to open, minimising the delay for entering and exiting traffic.

What about the style of the gate?

As well as the different types of operation, it’s worth noting the different styles available for your operated gate. While some operated gates are purely functional, it’s possible to choose your style of fabricated steel or wooden gate, then customize its operation to suit your requirements.

In other words, don’t think the stylish wooden gates for your home are restricted to a specific type of movement. With the right expertise on your side, operated gates can be tailored to your preferred style and function, then be controlled by a choice of access control devices, including:

  • Radio controls
  • Single and three button control stations
  • Digital keypads
  • Telephone entry systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Vehicle sensing loops

Installing the right gate for you

Operated gates can make your property more secure, stylish and simple to manage. But with so many types of operated gate to choose from, it can seem overwhelming finding the right gates for you. That’s where Selectron comes in.

With a wide variety of gate operators and a wealth of security experience, we can tailor operated gates to your requirements, style and budget. We’ll then install your gates and get you all set up to keep your property secure. Contact our team today to find out more.

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