5 Vulnerable Spots for Burglary – And How to Protect Them

5 Vulnerable Spots for Burglary – And How to Protect Them

With a total of 1880 incidences in 2019, crime against property is the most prevalent form of crime in Bermuda. Needless to say, burglary makes up a large proportion of these property crimes, with criminals wanting to get their hands on the valuables inside homes.

But to do so, they need to get inside. There are a number of common points of entry which burglars head to in any home. By protecting them, you can make burglary more difficult and even deter burglars for good.

1. The front door

It seems so obvious to suggest the front door as a point of entry for burglars, but they will almost always try it as it’s such an easy and discreet way to get in. If your front door is left unlocked, job done. If it’s only got a weak lock, they should be able to force their way in without too much attention being drawn.

To prevent this, you should make sure your door is fitted with robust locks and always use them. An intruder alarm can also be installed to alert you, anyone nearby or even the authorities to a break-in. In many cases, the sound of the alarm will be enough to see the burglar flee.

2. Windows

If the door doesn’t provide a way in, the next stop is the windows. While an open window is the first thing to avoid, all windows are naturally vulnerable to burglars as they’re made up mostly of glass. Worst of all, a smashed window doesn’t raise as much alarm as you might expect.

One quick and effective strike and the window is out of the way, providing access to your home. Again, an intruder alarm is the best way to prevent this as it will make a much louder, continuous sound which lets burglars know they’ve been caught.

3. Back or side doors

Back and side doors are much the same as front doors – burglars will try them to check for easy access. However, they’re also a bit weaker than front doors on some homes, meaning they could be a vulnerable spot.

Again, make sure any exterior doors on your home are suitably robust with strong, effective locks. Security lighting can add an extra layer of security, letting burglars know they’ve been seen as they creep around the side or back of your home.

4. Your garden

While some burglars are opportunists, others will plan their attack. In some cases, they’ll decide that the best way to get into your property is from the back. Making their way through the garden could mean less chance of being spotted by a neighbour or passer-by.

Having a security light triggered by a sensor will illuminate your garden whenever movement is detected. Similar to your back and side doors, it tells burglars they’re not as discreet as they thought.

5. Your driveway

Your house isn’t the only property you need to protect. One of your most valuable possessions could be parked right in front of your home. Whether they’re attempting to steal the vehicle itself or doing a quick smash and grab for something they’ve spotted inside, your car needs protection to avoid the stress and cost of a break-in or theft.

Thankfully, most cars are fitted with their own alarms to draw attention to criminals as soon as they attempt a break in. However, for extra peace of mind, CCTV cameras can be set up to cover your driveway and deter potential offenders.

Safeguard your home

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If your home has any vulnerable spots, it will provide an easy point of entry for burglars. At Selectron, we can help you prevent that from happening with robust security measures across the board.

Whether it’s surveillance cameras to deter burglars or automated lighting to eliminate unseen areas around your home, we’ll supply and install the best equipment to give you complete peace of mind going forward.

Secure Your Property

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