7-Point Christmas Security Checklist for Commercial Properties

7-Point Christmas Security Checklist for Commercial Properties

Silent night, all is calm, all is bright – more than a Christmas carol. These words are every business owner’s dream for the festive period. You want a silent building, a calm outside area, and bright security lights with cameras to protect and deter.

When you leave for the holidays, security on your property will obviously be weighing on your mind. Closed businesses over Christmas can prompt opportunistic crime. So how can you ensure you’ve got a security checklist that covers every base?

1. Check your security system

First of all, make sure your CCTV and alarm systems are serviced and working well. If fully functional, both will act as a big deterrent for criminals. If the worst should happen, they’ll also increase the chances of catching a criminal – whether it’s by alerting you to a break-in or helping the authorities identify wrongdoers.

2. Update keyholder lists

Ensure your alarm company has an updated list of keyholders. In the event of an incident, they need to be contacting the correct people.

3. Confirm opening hours with your security company

Ensure that your security company is clear on the times when someone should be on-site. This will make it much quicker for them to be alerted to any intruders, and avoid any misunderstandings with staff.

4. Inspect the outside of your property thoroughly

A cursory glance at your car park or a quick rattle of your locked gates won’t cut it. Make a careful inspection of the outside of your property. Have a walk around the perimeter, checking any fencing or railings for damage. Inspecting locks on gates and checking for any debris that could be used to gain access is also a good idea.

5. Be careful what you post on social media

It is always a temptation to sing from the rooftops when you have a holiday planned. But remember, posting that your property is empty for a prolonged period is a flashing beacon to any burglars.

6. Cancel regular delivery slots

A pile-up of parcels outside your property is a sure sign the building is empty for a while. Let your regular delivery companies know when you are closed and when you will be reopening.

7. Add access control

For added security to your commercial property, access control is an extremely effective way to deter burglars. Gone are the days when keys were the only way to keep your property safe. Electronic access control is used in many businesses. For example, keypads with pin codes, smart cards, or fobs. Biometric security is also becoming extremely popular as it restricts someone from sharing their access with others.

Checklist completed – Christmas awaits!

Once you have made a thorough check of your property, it’s time to enjoy the festive season! If you’d like to update any of your security measures, contact Selectron today. Operating throughout Bermuda, we offer a full range of commercial security solutions, which can be tailored to your exact requirements.


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