A Comprehensive Guide to Access Control for Commercial Properties

A Comprehensive Guide to Access Control for Commercial Properties

Want to make your commercial property more secure? Access control could be the ideal solution. It gives you more control over who can enter your property, whether that’s the site as a whole or specific areas.

In this post, we’ll explore the different types of access control and the various benefits.

Different types of access control

Access control refers to a range of technology that gives you control over who enters a specific site, building or even room. It varies in a number of different ways, depending on how it’s being used, how it works and the different features:


One way in which access control varies is the location it’s used for. You can use access control for anything from an entire site to specific areas. So, it could be used at each point of entry to monitor who enters and leaves a site, or just for specific rooms where only management staff are allowed, for example.


Another key distinction is the method by which people gain entry:

Many access systems simply require a key code to gain access, while others use more advanced means such as fingerprints or even facial recognition.

Another option is for users to scan an ID card to gain access. This can also be done using a smartphone with NFC technology, which essentially acts as a virtual ID pass.

Alternatively, access can be completely controlled by your reception or security staff. This also has its variants, as it can be done in person or remotely if the access control system has a camera, microphone and speaker.


In addition, access control can vary in terms of its interface. Simple systems will grant and deny access based on recognised codes, cards or other means. However, more advanced systems will provide a dashboard where admin users can see in more detail who has entered and left sites, buildings or rooms.

The benefits of access control

The most obvious benefit of access control is that it stops unauthorised members of staff or even people from outside your business getting into areas where valuable data or equipment is kept. That can prevent a range of problems, such as burglary or internal theft.

However, more advanced systems can also be useful for monitoring activity. That could be checking when employees clock in and clock out to manage punctuality and attendance. It can also be useful for businesses that rent out space, such as co-working spaces or recording studios.

As an additional benefit, these advanced systems are helpful when it comes to theft or damage. With a record of who was in a room or building at any given time, you’ll be better equipped to find the culprit.

The right access control for your commercial site

At Selectron, we offer a wide selection of innovative access control products. Whether it’s a single door or vast network, we can provide the solution that’s right for your requirements and your budget. Get in touch today to discuss access control in more depth with our security experts.

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