Access Cards vs Telephone Entry – What’s Best for Your Business?

Access Cards vs Telephone Entry – What’s Best for Your Business?

When you’re in business, keeping your commercial property secure is of the utmost importance. Access control ensures that only authorised individuals have access to certain areas of your business. That might be to limit access to a potentially hazardous area, such as a construction site, or secure rooms containing confidential data or IT equipment.

There are multiple access control solutions available – with access cards and telephone entry two of the most popular. But which is right for your business? Here are some of the key pros and cons to consider…

Access cards

Shaped like a credit card, access cards can be used instead of traditional door keys, allowing an authorised individual access to certain areas of the building.


  • Quick and easy to use – With access cards, the system responds in a matter of seconds to unlock the door for authorised users. The card design is also easy to fit within a wallet or phone case for easy access.
  • Easy to replace – If they’re broken or lost, access cards can be easily replaced.
  • Multiple access options available – Access cards can be tailored to your specific needs, restricting access to certain levels or rooms, or even allowing temporary access for guests or suppliers.


  • Requires physical card – This access control system still requires a physical card to work. These cards are made of plastic, a material which can easily be broken and is also harmful to the environment.
  • Potential for theft – These cards are also very vulnerable to theft, meaning access can get into the wrong hands.
  • Requires replacement – If the card is lost or stolen, it will require a physical replacement. This takes time, causing inconvenience for staff who need to access an area quickly.


This system is potentially suitable for businesses with many different rooms, floors and areas to safeguard, including areas that are not always manned.

Telephone entry system

Telephone entry systems allow staff to use a telephone connected to the secure area to contact someone inside for access. They can either work like an intercom system or be fully connected to your company landline.


  • Options for access – Telephone entry systems offer solutions for both door access and site access, enabling security gates to be opened too.
  • No physical card required – Staff will use a telephone system to request access, so there’s no access card that could get lost or stolen.
  • Human support – As users can speak to a human on the other end of the phone, they will be able to clarify their authorisation to enter certain areas, potentially saving time.


  • Outages – If the telephone entry system is connected to the landline, any outages could cause issues with the system.
  • Potential for human error – The person giving access could make a mistake, refusing access to someone important, or allowing a potential intruder to enter a secure room.
  • Slower to complete – To gain access, a user will need to speak with a staff member. This could take extra time, as they may be required to prove their identity or explain why they need access to a particular area.


This system could potentially be suitable for businesses with one or two consistently-manned secure areas. It’s also particularly suitable for allowing site access.

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