Are Smart Door Locks Safe? Selectron Explores

Are Smart Door Locks Safe? Selectron Explores

First it was smart phones, then smart TVs and now… Smart locks?

Smart door locks are the latest home tech product, as smart devices continue to enter almost every area of life. In most cases, the technology improves our lives – who can say they don’t benefit from constant connectivity with their family and friends using their smart phone?

But is the same true for smart locks? In this post, we’ll explore what exactly a smart door lock is, how they work and whether they are the safest option for your home.

What is a smart lock?

A smart device simply refers to an electronic device that is wirelessly connected to other networks or devices. For smart locks, that means they are connected to your devices and your property’s security system, through Wi-Fi connection.

This connectivity enables a range of useful features:

  • Smartphone compatible – You can use your phone to unlock the door, rather than having to remember keys
  • Peace of mind – You can also check whether your door is locked when you’re out. So, no wracking your brain to remember whether you left the door unlocked.
  • On the go – Should you forget to lock the door, there’s no problem. Simply lock it on the go using an app on your smartphone.
  • Authorised access – Smart locks allow you to grant access to trusted friends, family or colleagues instantly with unique access codes. It eliminates the costly, time-consuming process of having new keys cut – or leaving keys in a ‘secret spot’ where burglars could root it out.
  • Monitoring – They can also be used to monitor access to your property and alert you of any events via an app.

Are they the safest option?

Despite all the advantages, there are still a few concerns when it comes to smart lock technology. Firstly, the technology relies on a constant power source. This can be either through mains power or batteries. That leaves them vulnerable to failure through power outages or when batteries die.

While some models can send alerts via an app if they are close to running out of power, this could still be an issue if you’re away from your property for a long period. Things could also become tricky if your phone is out of charge, lost or stolen.

As with other smart technology, hacking is another concern. If smart door locks aren’t regularly updated, they can become vulnerable to tampering and hacking by burglars, who would then be able to access your property.

The verdict on smart door locks

Smart door locks are a useful feature for homes and commercial properties, particularly if you need to grant access to lots of different people. While their benefits mostly revolve around convenience rather than security, they do allow you to check doors are locked while you’re out and remove the need to leave physical keys in ‘secret places’.

As with any security feature for your property, it’s best to speak to the experts before making any decisions. Selectron provides a range of specialist security services for residential and commercial properties. With our invaluable security expertise and wide range of high-quality products, you can always find the best solution for you with expert installation and support for complete peace of mind.

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