CCTV DVR For Restaurants

CCTV DVR For Restaurants

Fact: Employee theft is less frequent when video cameras are in conspicuous places and proper signage is displayed on entry doors and walls. Once a potential robber or thief sees that your place is under surveillance, they don’t try anything.

DVR – Digital Video Recording Computers are now widely found in restaurants! They are easy to install, offer many features and could save your life.
Using color cameras inside your building is best because people will be more identifiable by the color of clothes they are wearing. Used in conjunction with the face shot at the entry point, you have an excellent record of all people and activities in all the surveillance areas of your restaurant.
Warning to Restaurant Owners: Some employees get caught stealing and there could be terminations after a security camera system is put in place.
“We got robbed just after we installed the Camera Security Now system.” Explains John Bower who owns 2 Dominos Pizza restaurants in Harrisburg, PA. “The picture was so good and getting it to the police was so easy, they caught the guy!”

“Making sure that people can see that there really are cameras in the restaurant is very
important. Plus I have cameras pointing to every cash drawer.” said Emad Hamdan of who owns
multiple restaurant franchises including Gold Star Chili.

Protect Employees and Profits as well as Prevent Employee Theft.

Recommendation: Use a Color Security Cameras with a 4mm lens for your typical restaurant dining room and storage areas.

Minimum Recommendation: 4 Security Camera System for Restaurants This system is very easy to install (DYI) or you we can manage the install for you. Either way, a surveillance system is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury for the restaurant industry.

Here are some ideas for the use of a security camera video surveillance system in a business:

1. Indoor Video camera records all customer faces and actions
2. Outdoor Camera can record cars (colors, make and model).
3. Video records all of your cash handling transactions.
4. Video shows you how long the line is at peak times to help with scheduling staff