Bermuda Government Plans to Upgrade CCTV

Bermuda Government Plans to Upgrade CCTV

According to a recently submitted Request for Proposals, The Ministry of National Security is on the lookout for a company to upgrade and develop Bermuda’s CCTV systems.

So, what exactly do the government’s plans entail? And how will they impact on Bermuda’s security? Read on to learn more…

What are the plans for Bermuda’s CCTV systems?

Plans to upgrade Bermuda’s CCTV system have been in the works for some time. Following promises made in 2021’s Throne Speech, Premier David Burt stated this year that $1 million had been set aside to begin upgrading the CCTV network. These plans have culminated in a procurement notice on the government’s website.

For the upgrade, the government is requesting:

  • A hybrid CCTV system infrastructure with both fiber optics and wireless backhaul
  • A brand-new system architecture that provides support to –
    • PTZ cameras, which can be swivelled
    • LPR cameras, which are used for facial and license plate recognition
    • Varifocal cameras, which have adjustable lenses
  • A migration plan for replacing old devices, along with upgrading the existing VMS and storage platform
  • Built-in redundancy at all levels of the system architecture design
  • Reliability, high availability & scalability for future growth in the system architecture
  • An uninterruptible power supply for the VMS infrastructure at new and current sites

Submissions close at 4pm on September 8th, with a planned execution date of December 1st.

How the CCTV upgrade boosts Bermuda's security

Though crimes against property lowered during the pandemic, the number of cases still remains in the thousands. According to the Bermuda Police Service 2020 Official Statistics Report, firearm offences also rose to the highest level since 2016.

It’s no surprise, then, that the government is seeking to improve the island’s CCTV system. Some of the key advantages of an updated CCTV network include…

Deterring crime

Whether it’s protecting the island or your own home, CCTV cameras do a fantastic job at discouraging break-ins, theft and vandalism. That’s because if burglars or vandals are caught on camera, they know they’re far more likely to be caught. According to one study, it’s enough to make 40% of burglars choose a different target altogether.

Peace of mind

A knock-on effect of deterring crimes with CCTV is that you also have greater peace-of-mind. Knowing that Bermuda is protected by an updated, high-tech CCTV system will help citizens to rest easier.

On a personal level, having your own CCTV system means fewer sleepless nights on your holidays, worrying about what might be happening back home. With smart CCTV networks, you can connect to the feed from any device with an internet connection.

Catching the criminals

Though CCTV puts a firm deterrent in place, crimes can still occur. A robust CCTV system ensures that the police have video surveillance to help them track down the culprits. This all helps to make Bermuda a safer place for everyone.

Meanwhile, utilising surveillance cameras at your business or home means that you’re far more likely to have evidence at hand if a break-in occurs.

Keep your Bermuda property safe with CCTV cameras

It’s clear that the proposed upgrade for CCTV cameras will help to keep Bermuda safe and secure. That’s just as true for homes and commercial properties. If your security system also needs an upgrade, Selectron is here to help you.

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