Can Access Control Systems Be Hacked?

Can Access Control Systems Be Hacked?

In today’s digital world, our security has had a tech makeover. Gone are the days of traditional locks and keys. Now, we’re stepping into an era where access control systems (ACS) call the shots.

But are they foolproof? If you’ve ever wondered if these systems can be hacked, rest assured, you aren’t the only one. Read on for the ins and outs of access control systems, their weak spots and how to keep your business safe.

2 types of access control system

Access control systems are security solutions designed to restrict and manage entry to secured areas, resources or information. They are essential in making sure that both physical and digital information stays safe.

The two types of ACS are:

Physical ACS

This covers any door access control systems that are operated through keycards, biometrics or PINs. Their purpose is to guard against unauthorised entry.

Digital ACS

A digital ACS is an additional layer of security in the computing system itself, allowing the user to protect online information against potential intruders.

These systems have become invaluable to our way of life. You will find ACS in our workplaces, homes and public infrastructures.

How are they hacked?

Contrary to the belief that security systems stop all intrusions, access control systems aren’t completely resistant to breaches. Hackers can use a wide range of tactics to get past advanced security and gain access – at times, relatively easily.

Some of these include:


Nothing to do with cars, this method is one of the simplest breaches a hacker can use. This is when an unauthorised individual follows an authorised user into a secure area.

Card cloning

Becoming more popular as the world gets increasingly card-based, this way involves duplicating an authorised user’s keycard to gain access.

Exploiting the system

Hackers often target system flaws on vulnerabilities, such as outdated software. This can compromise security fairly quickly and give full access.

Social engineering

Hackers can trick people into revealing their confidential details like passwords or PIN numbers. This tactic involves manipulation and persuasion to get a hold of such sensitive info. In essence, it’s a way to bypass security without the hacker having direct access.

Network interception

It can be relatively simple for hackers to break into the network that some access control systems use. Once in, they tinker with or get around the security rules to gain unauthorised access. This way, they can control or misuse the system without having to break in physically.

Despite the sophistication of modern ACS, their reliance on technology makes them susceptible to these and other hacking methodologies. Regular software updates, stringent security protocols and user awareness are hugely important in keeping these systems secure.

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