Can Employers Use CCTV Security Cameras to Monitor Employees?

Can Employers Use CCTV Security Cameras to Monitor Employees?

CCTV cameras are used on residential properties to monitor intruders, deter opportunist thieves and identify culprits should the worst happen. And they’re used in commercial settings for that exact same reason. But, as some employers will be well aware, the threat doesn’t always come from outside.

Whether it’s a quick swipe of office equipment, pocketing that $10 food tab or a haul of warehouse goods, some employees have been known to take advantage of their employer’s trust. Unfortunately, this leaves you in a difficult position.

How can you monitor your staff to prevent losses to your company? Is monitoring them legal? And what’s the best option? Read on as we discuss the use of CCTV security cameras to monitor employees.

How common is internal theft?

Internal theft, or employee theft, is far more common than you might think. Research shows that 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once. A whopping 37.5% have stolen more than once, with a massive $50 billion stolen by employees every year from US businesses – that’s 7% of their annual revenue on average.

While shoplifting accounts for 35.6% of inventory shrinkage, employee theft still comes in at number one with 42.7%. Even worse, it takes employers an average of 2 years to detect these employees stealing. It’s no wonder a third of business bankruptcies are caused by employee theft.

How employees steal

There are several ways in which employees commit theft at work. Embezzlement, diverting business funds and tampering with expenses are among the ways people steal the larger sums. Some employees even commit intellectual theft, misusing customer data, for instance.

However, one of the most common practices is outright theft. One-off pocketing of products of profits can soon turn into a regular occurrence and cost businesses big. In this case particularly, it’s something which is easy to monitor, detect and prevent using CCTV cameras.

Is it legal to monitor employees on camera?

In most cases, it’s completely lawful to monitor employees on camera using CCTV. The main requirement is that you inform workers that they are being or will be monitored by cameras while working. However, there are a number of other criteria and conditions to be aware of:

  • You must have a legitimate business reason – such as preventing theft – to use cameras. So, it could be difficult trying to legitimise surveillance for a small non-retail office.
  • CCTV surveillance is generally prohibited in break rooms, locker rooms, toilets and other areas where privacy is a reasonable expectation for employees
  • Audio recording can complicate things, so it’s best to use image-only cameras.

Get the right security cameras for your business

If you’re looking for CCTV security cameras to monitor your employees, it’s important to find a solution that meets both your own requirements and the requirements of the law. At Selectron, we provide a wide range of commercial video surveillance solutions from highly established brands. Whatever your requirements, we can work with you to find a system that fits the bill perfectly. Contact our team of security experts to talk more about CCTV surveillance for your business.

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