Commercial Security Checklist: How Well Does Your Site Score?

Commercial security is essential if you want to protect your business from theft and damage. But just how secure is your site?

It can be hard to rank it on a scale if you don’t have an idea of the ‘industry standard’. Fortunately, the team at Selectron have compiled a checklist of important security features, so you can see where your commercial site is on point – and where it needs improvement.

1. How do people get in and out of your site?

Access control is the bare minimum when it comes to commercial security. Whether it’s a warehouse, office or retail facility, you want to know who’s coming in and out. Crucially, you should also be able to restrict access to the site, the building or specific areas, departments and rooms.

How many times have you forgotten to lock your front door before going to bed? Do you leave your front door open while you’re sunbathing in the garden? Placing a camera at the front door means burglars are less likely to try and enter and you’ll get a good image of them if they do.

2. Do you have a deterrent?

Much like residential security, intruder alarms are a popular, cost-effective way to deter thieves from your commercial property. Their presence alone is enough to stop most thieves attempting a break-in. However, if the worst does happen, they’ll alert anyone nearby, including security staff.

With the latest models, it’s even possible to have alerts sent directly to you or the authorities when your intruder alarm is set off. With help from security experts, you can install them on a number of common points of entry like doors, windows and even roof hatches.

3. Can you monitor your building?

Commercial buildings are typically much bigger than homes. It’s impossible to be in every place at once. So, how do you know what’s happening in different parts of your property? And how can you monitor this when you’re not even there?

Well-placed video surveillance cameras allow you or your security team to monitor multiple areas at once. With the latest technology, these streams can even be accessed through mobile devices, giving you peace of mind around the clock, wherever you are. Modern cameras can even be setup to send notification alerts to your mobile or email address if and when someone passes a  designated area. They will prompt you to check the live footage and ensure there is no suspicious activity.

4. Are you protected from fires?

With fire alarms required by law in commercial facilities, it goes without saying that your building should have adequate fire and smoke alarms. But what happens if there’s a fire in your commercial property while you’re not there?

With many sites closed overnight or over the weekend, it’s important to have a system that alerts you or the authorities as well as anyone in the building or nearby. Otherwise, you risk leaving a fire to eat away at your property and even completely destroy it within just a few hours.

How did your property score?

Does your property cover all four key areas on our checklist? Or are you lacking certain security features?

At Selectron, we can perform a full inspection of your commercial property to identify any weak areas. Our team can then recommend the best solutions tailored to your needs and budget. The result? An integrated security system that ticks all the boxes and protects your property.

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