Don’t Get Spooked! Protect Your Family & Home This Halloween

Don’t Get Spooked! Protect Your Family & Home This Halloween

Halloween is almost here. It’s one of the most exciting holidays in the calendar – a time for tricks, treats and spooky costumes. Unfortunately, it’s also the scariest day of the year, and we’re not talking about the outfits.

Halloween is the number 1 day for property crime. While you’re out having fun, even spookier characters are on the prowl. And they’re not interested candy. They want to play tricks on you, without any treat at all. They’re after your valuables, on a night when your house is vulnerable, and your little ones are out and about.

So, how can you keep your home and your children safe for Halloween?

Safe fun for the kids

With costumed parties and trick or treating, Halloween is definitely all about fun for the children. But what’s most important is their safety. Here are six simple ways of keeping your children safe at Halloween:

  • Plan ahead – Whether you’re taking your children, or letting them go alone, it’s a good idea to have a route in place so you, or they, don’t end up going down dark alleyways or dangerous areas.
  • Supervise – Make sure you stay with younger children at all times, or ensure they have another responsible adult to walk with them.
  • Know your limits – As more and more friends are invited to your trick and treating route, it can soon become uncontrollable. It’s a good idea to invite another adult to help you keep all of the children safe.
  • Buddy up – If you feel your child is old enough to go without you, make sure they take a friend and encourage them to stay with their friends at all times.
  • Charged and ready – Even older children can get into problems. Be sure they have a charged mobile on hand to call you if anything happens.
  • Just say “no” – Make your kids aware that there may be people who try to split their group up. Teach them that “no” is the best response, and practice until they are comfortable saying it.

How about your home

With lots of people out and about, Halloween is a peak time for opportunist criminals. Travelers Insurance found that crime-related insurance claims spike by 24% for the late October scare fest, which is higher than any other day of the year. Don’t be caught out – here are some essentials when it comes to keeping your home safe:

  • Lock up – Ensure all windows and doors are locked fully.
  • Lights on – Leave some lights on to make people think you’re at home.
  • Loose lips – Try not to tell people your home will be empty.
  • Valuables – Don’t leave anything valuable in sight, and shut the curtains
  • Turn down the volume – Avoid playing your music too loud if you’re holding a party. Burglars could slip in undetected.
  • Low-key – Don’t leave spare keys hidden outside your home. If you’re out of the house, burglars will have plenty of time to search all the ‘secret spots’.
  • Cause for alarm – Make sure your alarm system is working before you leave the house, and – most importantly – use it.
  • CCTV – Finally, in case the worst does happen, consider installing CCTV on your property. As well as putting most burglars off, these cameras will help catch the culprit if anyone does break in.

Can we help?

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