Glen Smith Review

Wanted to post a great review of Selectron and their CCTV/ video surveillance system which is accessible remotely no matter where you are in the world, via a computer or even your cellphone. Initially I had the cameras installed at my home for security purposes and peace of mind. However I found out on Thursday January 4th, 2018 that these cameras can literally be a life saver as well. As I was aware that my horse, Tovi, hadn’t been feeling well recently, I decided to check on him throughout the day while I was at work, via the remote access to the CCTV camera in his stables. Thank goodness that I did, as I found Tovi thrashing about due to colic and was able to call the vet, my son and a friend to rush right to him and get him out of the stable before he could do himself serious harm or heaven forbid thrash himself to death against the walls. Because of my ability to remotely access these cameras I was able to have people there on the scene to help ASAP. I truly believe this saved Tovi’s life. I am an avid believer in these camera systems and Selectron expertise with them, so much so that I have them installed both at my home and my place of business.

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