How Did the Pandemic Affect Crime in Bermuda?

How Did the Pandemic Affect Crime in Bermuda?

If you’ve read the Bermuda Police Service’s 2020 Official Statistics Report, it’s natural to feel a little concerned. The report shows that during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a sharp rise in crimes against the community, along with some violent offences.

But what does this mean for your home or commercial security? In this post, we’ve gathered all the information you need to understand how the pandemic has affected crime in Bermuda.

Spike in anti-social behaviour

The first thing you might notice in the report is the troubling rise in crimes against the community. At 917 offences, the figure almost doubled compared to the previous year. However, this sharp rise can be explained. The most significant change in this category was the whopping 100% increase in anti-social behaviour offences.

So, why had anti-social behaviour increased so drastically? Due to the unique risks posed by the pandemic, new restrictions were put in place, including offences for breaching the curfew or not complying with COVID-19 Large Groups Prohibitions. In 2020, of the 768 anti-social offences committed, just over 300 were COVID-19 related. This suggests that the sharp uptick is not a reason to panic.

However, anti-social behaviour has remained an integral part of community offences in Bermuda over the past twenty years. If you’re still feeling concerned, investing in CCTV surveillance for your property could be the answer.

Reductions in crime

On a brighter note, crimes against property took a downward turn, decreasing from 2,068 in 2019 to 1,741 at the end of 2020. Each type of property offence saw a decrease, from residential and non-residential burglary to motor vehicle theft. This brought the total yearly offences down to its lowest number since 2000.

Whilst this might sound like cause for celebration, it’s unfortunately not suggestive of a continuing trend. The report suggests that the reduction in property crime was most likely due to the COVID-19 restrictions, which “minimised social gatherings and the movement of both potential victims and suspects”. This meant that criminals had fewer opportunities to, for example, steal from vacant properties, as occupants were more likely to be at home.

As COVID restrictions continue to ease, this could again lead to an uptick in crimes against property – raising the need for security solutions.

Rising violence

Whilst crimes against the person decreased overall in 2020, there are still worrying trends to consider. Sadly, cases of murder increased from 2 in 2019 to 9 in 2020. Firearms incidents also increased to 52, the highest total since 2016.

Although assaults and burglaries decreased through the pandemic, this was only a small reduction – and is arguably due to the restrictions on activity. That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep your property, and your family, fully protected.

Keep your Bermuda property safe all year long

Whilst police statistics can be alarming, there’s no need to live in fear. The best course of action is always to boost the security of your home and commercial properties. From residential intruder alarms to commercial access control, Selectron offers many security solutions to help you stay safe.

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