How Do Intruder Alarms Work?

Intruder alarms offer valuable peace of mind. They act as an effective deterrent to would-be burglars, and alert property-owners to any unwanted visitors. Whether you want to protect your commercial premises or your home, an intruder alarm is an important security feature. Below, we’ll take a closer look at intruder alarms, including how they work and the best type for your needs.

What is an intruder alarm?

An intruder or burglar alarm has two main functions. Firstly, they can act as a simple but effective deterrent to potential intruders, who may see an alarm box on the exterior of the property and think twice before attempting to gain unauthorised access.

Secondly, once triggered, an intruder alarm sets off a loud alert, letting the occupants and those in the vicinity of the property know about a possible intruder, while scaring off any unwanted visitors.

Intruder alarms can be fitted in residential homes and on commercial premises to protect family members, staff, personal belongings, merchandise and expensive equipment.

Why are intruder alarms effective?

Once activated, an intruder alarm detects movement through a network of sensors placed around the property, which communicate through a central panel. Together, the sensors and the panel create a circuit throughout the premises. If this circuit is broken, such as by someone passing through it, a loud alarm sounds.

Systems usually provide a short delay after movement is detected before the alarm sounds. This allows time for the alarm to be cancelled if the sensors are triggered in error or for authorised persons to safely exit the premises after the system has been activated.

Modern systems are controlled using a touch screen panel, allowing homeowners, business managers, staff or other authorised persons to activate and deactivate the alarm. This is done using a code, fob or even a smartphone. Many intruder alarm systems are monitored remotely 24/7, so occupants of the property can communicate directly with a central operator, who can send emergency assistance, if required.

Which is the best type of intruder alarm?

Nowadays, there is a preference for internet-based, wireless intruder alarms. This is due to the convenience and ease of installation. Installing the alternative hard-wired alarms is more disruptive, requiring drilling through walls and moving furniture. Hybrid systems are also available.

Wireless systems are also preferred as they offer increased flexibility. They can be linked to mobile devices to allow users to operate them remotely. Some systems incorporate the intruder alert with other functions, such as the property’s central heating thermostat, fire alarm and lighting to give owners centralised control over their premises. It’s also important to consider the different intruder alarm brands and their reputation for reliability.

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