How to Burglar-Proof Your Garden

How to Burglar-Proof Your Garden

Whether you’re entertaining guests, playing with the kids or just enjoying the sun, gardens provide a private place of your own to enjoy the outdoors. However, they can also be targeted by burglars.

In some cases, they’ll be after the things in your garden, like outdoor furniture or a barbecue. Alternatively, they might be using your garden as a route of access to get to your home from the back. Whatever the case, there are several ways you can burglar-proof your garden to deter burglars and stop them in their tracks.

1. Perimeter fencing

The first and most fundamental form of garden security is perimeter fencing. Quite simply, it means adding a clear barrier around the perimeter of your garden, and the rest of your property if required.

From the off, that will make it harder for burglars to gain entry. It prevents your home and your garden from looking like an easy target. You can add an extra layer of security and privacy with gate operators, which allow you to fully restrict unauthorised access to your property.

2. Lighting

Security lighting is another great way to make your garden less burglar friendly. By adding lights with sensors, you can make sure your garden is illuminated whenever any movement is detected.

That means any burglars will be fully visible when they’re in your garden. If they’re not deterred by the mere sight of security lighting, the bright illumination when it detects them should be enough to scare most burglars off.

With a variety of security lights available, varying by power, range, scope, brightness and timing, you can always get the right solution for your garden and your home.


For complete peace of mind, your garden should be monitored at all times. That’s where CCTV can help. As well as being the most effective deterrent for potential burglars, CCTV gives the authorities the best chance of identifying and catching the culprit if they do break or steal anything.

To take things to the next level, you can have trip wire lines built into the recording software for notification purposes. In simple terms, this means having a specific area of your garden which is monitored by smart detection. It minimises false alerts compared to systems which monitor the whole garden, sending an alert to your smart phone if anyone is detected.

Ready to burglar-proof your garden?

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