How to Enhance Security with Cloud-Based CCTV & Access Control

How to Enhance Security with Cloud-Based Video Surveillance & Access Control

At Selectron, we bring customers a wide range of security solutions which incorporate the latest technologies. One relatively recent innovation which enhances the security suite is cloud-based technology.

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of ‘the cloud’ for video surveillance and access control systems.

What is Cloud-Based Technology?

Cloud-based systems involve delivering computer and IT services over the internet, reducing the need for organizations to purchase hardware and software. These systems offer flexibility, security, and streamlined operations by incorporating backup, recovery, and updates.

Regarding security systems, cloud-based technology finds applications in areas such as monitoring, identification, and building access. The cloud provides advantages like remote and centralized management through a single interface.

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems help protect premises through 24/7 monitoring using video cameras, recording equipment, and monitors. These systems allow commercial organizations and residential property owners to monitor movements on and around their property.

Traditional video surveillance systems use physical recorders or servers to store images and footage captured by cameras. However, with a cloud-based video surveillance system, the footage uploads to an internet-based server that also stores the video. Authorized personnel can remotely view the footage via computers or smart devices.

Other benefits include reliability, as there’s no risk of physical recorders breaking down and rendering the system useless. Additionally, the cloud eliminates the need for on-site data storage, automatically updating and patching the system for security and functionality.

Two main types of cloud-based video surveillance systems exist: direct systems that upload recorded footage to the cloud and hybrid systems that use cameras storing their own footage with cloud backups.

Cloud-based access control

Access control describes a range of solutions which allow an organisation to restrict and monitor access to their premises. These access control solutions range from a simple keypad through to advanced biometric-based systems.

Cloud-based technology can enhance access control by allowing the system to be managed remotely. This can include storing employee information, amending access permissions, and tracking movements within the premises.

A cloud-based access system is especially beneficial to larger organisations which oversee a significant number of employees and visitors, as well as having a higher staff turnover and, potentially, more demanding security needs.

Overall, security is an ever-evolving area and the cloud, in particular, is a significant recent development which enhances convenience, flexibility and peace of mind. By offering access control and video surveillance with cloud-based technology, we can ensure our customers have the option of choosing the latest security solutions to meet their needs.

Take advantage of cloud-based security with Selectron

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