How to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Thieves

How to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Thieves

Just the thought of your home being broken into can make any homeowner feel scared and vulnerable. Those anxieties may be made worse if you know deep down that your home isn’t protected against thieves. In truth, many homes make critical security mistakes, leaving them open to burglaries. Fortunately, there are ways to put things right. Keep reading to discover how you can make your home less attractive to thieves.

Daytime protection

When we think of being burgled, most of us picture it happening in the middle of the night. A masked villain sneaking in under the cloak of darkness and making off with your prized possessions, right? On the contrary, research shows that most break-ins occur during the day. Thieves prefer this time of day as its when most people are out at work, leaving homes empty.

So, while it’s important to make sure your home is protected around the clock, it’s your daytime security that may need a bit more work.

Get to know your neighbours

Your nosy next-door neighbour may seem like a nuisance, but when they’re spotting unusual activities and alerting you to potential threats, they come in very handy. Generally, crime tends to be lower in tight-knit communities, with everyone looking out for each other. If they’re retired or have different work schedules to you, they can keep an eye on your home while you’re out.

Keep doors and windows locked

This one may go without saying, but many burglaries occur when a home owner has left a window or door unlocked or slightly open. While it can be tempting to leave windows open to let a little fresh air into your home, this acts as an advert for burglars, making your home into an easy target.

Seize the new year opportunity by installing fire and smoke alarms to provide a crucial early warning in your home. An effective leak management system can also detect any leaks or floods and shut off water flow from your pipes or appliances.

Install a gate

There’s a reason gated communities experience less crime than other areas. Adding another protection barrier between thieves and your home will often be enough to send them on their way without even attempting a burglary. Not only will automatic gates enhance security for your home, it also improves your curb appeal.

Installing automated lighting in your home is a small smart home improvement that can make a big difference. Turn lights on and off from your phone while away from your property to deter thieves by creating the impression that somebody is home.

Place alarms around your home

A home without alarms is much more attractive to a burglar than one with visible alarms installed. Hidden or indoor alarms are great for startling unsuspecting thieves, but if you want to stop burglars from even attempting a break-in, clearly visible intruder alarms are highly effective. You can even set up alerts, so you will know if the alarm is ever set off.

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