How to Protect Your Home with Comprehensive Fire Detection

How to Protect Your Home with Comprehensive Fire Detection

We’re all familiar with intruder alarms to keep your home safe and secure. But it’s not just intrusion that affects your safety and security. Fire poses a serious threat to yourself, your loved ones and your property. And it can come from various sources, even when you’re not home.

That’s why it’s so important to have the right fire detection equipment in place. Read on as we take a look at 3 types of detector and why you should act now.

Fires in Bermuda

Domestic fires are considered a rarity by most people. But according to the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service statistics, there were over 1,000 building fires in 2016 alone. House fires cause a huge amount of damage to properties if they’re left to take their course.

That’s not even mentioning the risk to life. Smoke inhalation is the most common cause of death in house fires, with several toxic by-products released into the air. Hot air inhalation, heat shock and burns are some other causes of death during a fire, with further fatality risk to those who are hospitalised following a fire.

What causes home fires?

The worst thing about fires is that everyone is at risk. While cooking, candles, cigarettes and even children are among the causes for house fires, around 50% of domestic fires are caused by faulty electronic devices. Because of this, your property is even at risk when you’re not inside it.

While it’s good news that your family wouldn’t be harmed by the fire, it does mean the fire would be left to tear through your property. And that’s yet another reason why home fire detection is so important. With that in mind, let’s look at three key detectors every home should have for maximum protection…

1. Smoke

Smoke is the biggest killer from fires. So, it’s crucial that all homes are fitted with effective smoke detectors. This is absolutely essential for all homes, which is why it’s even a legal requirement for rented properties.

2. Heat

You can also install heat sensors, which detect danger in areas where smoke alarms aren’t suitable. Garages and attics, for instance, are often unsuitable for smoke detectors because dust and other particles can cause false alarms.

3. Carbon monoxide

When carbon monoxide is inhaled, it gets into your blood stream and removes blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen. This leads to a lack of oxygen for your body’s cells and tissue, which causes them to fail.

The gas can be leaked by faulty appliances, but because it’s completely odourless, colourless and tasteless, there’s no way it can be detected by humans. Carbon monoxide detectors will alert you to the leak, which will prevent you from using faulty appliances.

As well as indicating that your appliances are faulty – which could cause a fire – carbon monoxide is also extremely flammable.

Monitoring detectors

Smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors can all be easily programmed into a standard intruder alarm system. Firstly, this means your security system will be able to alert you or the authorities about any issues.

However, it also means your detectors will be monitored around the clock. Homes that are monitored 24/7 for intruder and fire detection qualify for a discount on home and contents insurance. So, you could make back some of the cost of installation by saving money with your discount.

Protect your home from fire

Fire safety isn’t something you should compromise on. At Selectron, we provide a range of fire alarm options, which can be programmed into your security system for maximum efficacy. By combining top of the range products with specialist expertise, we can provide complete peace of mind about your property’s fire safety.

Make Your Home Safer

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