Introducing Our Executive Key Holding Service

Introducing Our Executive Key Holding Service

Selectron are now offering an exclusive service to our clients already benefitting from our state of the art security systems.

Our key holding service delivers Peace of Mind whilst clients are away from the island on business or vacation.

What our service offers

In your absence, in the event of an alarm activation our key holding team will be contacted by the 24/7 Central Monitoring Station and will attend site to liaise with the emergency services (Bermuda Police or BF&RS) and will investigate the cause of the alarm. Detailed reports of activations and investigation are sent to clients removing the worry and stress caused by alarm activations when off the island.

All you need to do

Once enrolled in the programme you simply contact Selectron with the dates of your departure and return, drop off the keys and let us do the rest, it’s as simple as that.

Keys will be held at our central office under strict audit controlled procedures.

Clients have the option to collect keys upon return or as an additional key service, be held in the event of lock outs.

Option 1 – Executive Key Holding Service  –  Keys are permanently held with Selectron.

Annual fee and standard charge per alarm activation and call-out to attend site.

Option 2 – Standard Key Holding Service – Keys are dropped off on departure and collected upon return. Daily fee and standard charge per alarm activation and call-out to attend site.

Contact us for more information

For more information on this service and associated pricing please contact our Security Systems Controller Tony Dyson who can be reached at 236-4181 or via e-mail at

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