ISC West: 4 of the Best Security Solutions

ISC West: 4 of the Best Security Solutions

Las Vegas took centre stage in the security world this April, as the host of ISC West 2019. The exhibition brings together over 30,000 security professionals from across the world, showcasing some of the best products and giving visitors an expert insight into the industry.

ISC West is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the biggest security brands and their most innovative products. For the team at Selectron, it’s a great way to discover new ways to keep Bermuda’s homes and commercial properties safe and secure.

Read on as we look at four of the biggest talking points from this year’s event.

1. Resideo

In 2018, Honeywell launched Residio – a new company, focussing on home security. Less than a year later, Residio has released a range of innovative sensors for residential properties. ISC West 2019 showcased their leak sensors, flood sensors and panic sensors.

Their state-of-the-art leak and flood sensors detect when water levels have risen, automatically shutting off your water supply. They can prevent costly water damage and protect your valuables. They also allow property owners to avoid the inconvenience of leak and flood damage on their property.

Residio also offers smart panic sensors, which can be installed on your property for complete peace of mind. Residents can simply activate a panic button if they’re in a dangerous or worrying situation. The authorities will be alerted instantly, leaving both the resident and their loved ones feeling completely assured.

2. Inaxsys Camera

One of the showstoppers from the event was the impressive new Inaxsys camera. Using the latest technology, the camera can produce high-quality images, even in low light situations. If a burglar attempts to break into your property under the cover of the night, you’ll still be able to capture them on camera. That means around the clock burglary prevention – and the best chance of catching culprits should the worst happen.

3. Honeywell Intruder Detection

As well as impressing attendees with their latest subsidiary brand, Honeywell made their own mark with their all-in-one intruder detection system. With an intruder alarm, keypad system and indoor motion detector, properties will be fully secured with one comprehensive security system.

Whether it’s installed on a residential or commercial property, this all in one device prevents unauthorised visitors from entering. If anyone does enter, the authorities will be alerted immediately for a fast response. With an indoor motion detector, the system can even keep track of intruders if they do manage to gain unauthorised access to your property.

4. FireLink

Another of our favourites from the convention this year was Hochiki’s FireLink range. The high-tech fire detection system samples air from the room in which it’s located. The system analyses samples, checking for any smoke particles. It’s highly sensitive, picking up on even the smallest amount of smoke, making it perfect for use in computer areas, cold storage and clean rooms.

Protect your property

At Selectron, we’re always looking for the best new products for our customers. We provide and install the latest security technology for properties across Bermuda. From security gates and alarms to water management and fire detection, we have everything you’d need to fully secure your property.

Make Your Home Safer

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