Our 4-Step Guide to Securing Your Commercial Property

Our 4-Step Guide to Securing Your Commercial Property

From criminal damage to theft and even arson, there are all kinds of threats to the security of your commercial property – not to mention what’s inside it. The good news? There are also steps you can take to improve security and guard against these threats.

In this post, we’ll look at four key steps to secure your property and get complete peace of mind.

1. Protect against criminal damage

While there are more catastrophic occurrences, criminal damage and vandalism account for a large proportion of attacks on commercial properties. Why? Some people may have a grievance against your company or your tenants. Others simply have nothing better to do.

Whatever the case, it can be costly when you’re footing the bill for repairs to windows, doors or other parts of your building. CCTV is the most effective deterrent for people seeking to cause damage.

It shows potential wrongdoers that – whatever they choose to do – they’ll be caught on camera. Even in the rare instances where it fails to deter them, it will make it easier for the authorities to bring them to justice.

2. Equip yourself for arson

As with criminal damage, arson can be the result of irresponsible troublemakers or a targeted attack. It goes without saying that surveillance cameras will help deter this activity too. However, to truly secure your building, you need well positioned fire alarms and smoke detectors.

Well installed fire alarms that are monitored 24/7 for emergency response from a central station will alert both you and the emergency services of the fire, allowing a quick response and minimal damage to your property. They will also provide a vital early warning for anyone inside the building, should the fire occur during operating hours.

3. Stay on guard for break-ins

As well as protecting your building, you want to secure what’s inside of it. For many commercial buildings, these contents can be just as valuable as the property itself. Unfortunately, that also attracts burglars.

As well as deterring them with video surveillance, you can equip your building with state-of-the-art intruder alarms. This will complement video surveillance as a deterrent and enable a quick response should anyone attempt to break in. Intruder alarms can alert you, sound to people nearby or in the building, or even directly alert the authorities.

4. Prevent unauthorised access

Not every break in occurs by smashing windows or forceful entry. Some people will simply try to get into your commercial building like a tenant or employee. If successful, they could get their hands on valuable items or information without any alarm being raised.

With this in mind, it’s crucial to have access control in place on your commercial site. You’ll know who is entering and leaving your building or site – and will be able to block access to unauthorised people.

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