Introducing “Resideo” the new business name for Honeywell Home

By the end of the year, all Honeywell Home home comfort and security products will be sold and distributed by Resideo, a new independent company.

This is an exciting time as Resideo builds on Honeywell’s strength in providing the world’s best solutions to help people to live more productive, comfortable and safer lives. The company President and CEO, Mike Nefkens shared the following statement to announce the new company name.

“I believe your home should be safe, secure, comfortable and efficient. It’s your biggest investment, after all, and the place where you make a lifetime of memories. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Resideo.

Resideo will be a new company, created through the spin-off of Honeywell’s Homes and ADI Global Distribution businesses, expected by the end of the year. It will emerge as a smart home industry leader, deeply devoted to the needs of our customers, with an ambitious vision for the future. And Resideo will market products under the trusted Honeywell brand, already in 150 million households around the world.

When we thought about a name for the new company, we knew it had to reflect our strong heritage, the promise of connected technology, and the deep devotion people have for protecting what they hold most dear. Resideo combines the words ‘residence’ – your home – and ‘presidio’ – your fortress. Our Honeywell Home brand has an expansive product portfolio with broad third-party compatibility, and more than 110,000 professional comfort contractors and security dealers who will meet the safety, security, comfort and energy efficiency needs of homeowners. It will be a home experience like no other.

Taken together, Resideo and Honeywell Home represent our start-up agility and our rich history. We’ll work hard every day to earn your trust and a place as the heart of your home.”

We expect the new company to emerge as a smart-home industry leader and can’t wait to find out more about the products.

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