Retail Security – A Quick & Easy Guide

Retail Security – A Quick & Easy Guide

For most business owners, arriving at work and finding shattered front windows is the stuff of nightmares. The fear of potential theft, the extent of the damage and any financial losses can cause a lot of stress.

Four stores at Walker Arcade on Reid Street were recently broken into in the early hours of a Saturday. The result of this incident – broken windows and upside-down stores – is exactly what merchants wish to avoid.

How can you reduce the chance that your company will experience this? The best way to avoid unpleasant shocks at work is to invest in proper retail security. Read on for a quick and easy guide to making sure your retail premises are as secure as possible.

Important points to consider first

What crimes are common in your industry?

Familiarise yourself with the potential crimes your store needs protection against, such as customer theft, assaults on staff and vandalism. It’s essential to know what the common crimes are within your industry. For instance, jewellers might be concerned about armed robbery, while bookstores are worried about petty theft or vandalism.

Consider taking an inspection of your property

Make a complete inspection of your property to find any weak points or vulnerabilities. It might be useful to hire an experienced security consultant to do a thorough audit of your store. This professional assessment will offer useful insights on where your investments and efforts should be focused to effectively improve security measures.

What are the most effective retail security systems?

The success of retail security systems is determined by your unique business requirements and the vulnerabilities you want to fix. However, several security systems have proven to be particularly effective in improving store security overall. These include:

Intruder alarms

Modern intruder alarm systems allow for control via a smartphone app. This gives business owners the ability to monitor the state of their security, receive fast notifications when an alarm is activated and even do remote troubleshooting.

CCTV cameras and sensors

Visible CCTV cameras and sensors can be an effective deterrent to potential offenders. They not only deter unauthorised access and activities, but they also give vital evidence to help criminal investigations if an incident occurs. You can keep an eye on your business premises from anywhere thanks to the ability to remotely monitor and manage these cameras.

Panic button

A panic button system is specifically designed to ensure the safety of employees in emergencies. By pressing the panic button, employees can instantly send distress signals to emergency services. This feature proves invaluable in situations involving robbery or violence, enabling a rapid response and potentially preventing harm.

Access control

Access control systems provide business owners with complete control and visibility over who enters their building and remains on-site at all times. By using access cards, biometric systems or even mobile credentials, you can monitor entry points and restrict unauthorised access. This enhances security, minimises risks and safeguards sensitive areas.

Protect your retail business with Selectron

Don’t wait for a security breach to strike – take proactive steps to safeguard your retail business. At Selectron, we install cutting-edge commercial security systems that are customised to your requirements.

After a complete examination of your premises, we’ll offer our recommendations along with a no-obligation price. To get started, schedule a consultation with our experts to assess your security needs and tailor a solution that fits your budget and requirements.

At Selectron our solutions help you meet the increased challenges of today’s security and surveillance, enabling you to improve safety by reducing and preventing security breaches and accidents. Find out more about us >>

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