4.1 MP ChomaView Turret Camera 1 of 2 (2)

Selectron ChromaView 4.1 MP Turret Cameras Take Bermuda by STORM

Coming from Inaxsys in Montreal the new STORM 2021 series 4.1 MP Turret cameras are proving a huge hit in Bermuda for both residential and commercial applications.

The additional LED lights improve the ChromaView experience by giving you vivid colours even in complete darkness. There is also a mart light mode, which is on by default, that automatically adjust the exposure and light sensitivity to avoid overexposure. The Inaxsys AI+ technology enables facial recognition, people counting and area protector where you can customize trip tripwires based on specific objects such as pedestrians or vehicles.

For details of our comprehensive range of network based CCTV camera systems, door access control, intrusion detection systems, dual path IP/GSM 24/7 emergency response monitoring, AV cabling and points along with client system apps please contact sales@selectron.bm or call our Operations Office in Smith’s on 236-4181.

4.1 MP ChomaView Turret Camera 1 of 2 (1)

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