Should You Set Your Burglar Alarm at Night?

Should You Set Your Burglar Alarm at Night?

After a tiring day, you’ve finally got into bed when suddenly you wonder – “Is the alarm on?”

It’s a classic dilemma of getting out of bed to check versus staying cosy and leaving it to chance. It’s a common occurrence for some, while others are simply unsure whether there’s any need at all.

But if you set your alarm as part of your bedtime ritual every night, you can be sure that your home is safe when you pull the duvet around you. With the alarm on, you can drift off to sleep peacefully, confident that you’ll wake up in a safe and secure environment.

So, let’s have a more detailed look at why it makes sense to set your burglar alarm at night.

Safety and security

Setting the alarm gives you the confidence that your home and family are safe. At night, when everyone is asleep, it ensures that burglars can’t get in and out of your home unnoticed. For extra peace of mind, consider adding CCTV, which can be checked from the comfort of your smartphone to ensure everything is A-OK.


An active alarm system serves as a strong deterrent to burglars. The risk of being caught increases significantly when an alarm is set and typically, criminals prefer easy targets. By setting your alarm, you’re making a clear statement that your home isn’t an easy mark. Additionally, alarms notify neighbours and authorities, which ensures quick action and response. This will strengthen the security net around your home and in your community.

Peace of mind

There’s an unmatched assurance that comes with knowing your property is secure. You can sleep more soundly and worry less when you know that your alarm system is active and ready to alert you if there’s a problem. This is extra important when it comes to commercial intruder alarms. If you’re not on-site, how will you know if there’s a problem? Save yourself trips back and forward to work to check things and make sure your alarm is set every time you lock up.

Emergency support

Many alarm systems are linked to emergency services and provide an immediate response in case of a break-in. This instant support is essential when you need trained police or paramedics to ensure the safety of property and people inside the house or building. You will also need police help if there has been a theft carried out at your business and you aren’t around to deal with it.

Secure your property at night with Selectron

Setting your burglar alarm at night isn’t just a good idea – it’s a nightly ritual that ensures the safety of your home and loved ones. In the grand scheme of things, the few seconds it takes to set the alarm gives you hours of undisturbed, worry-free sleep. And with Selectron’s top-notch security systems, you’re not just investing in technology but in an unwavering peace of mind.

Contact Selectron’s friendly, expert team today to discuss your requirements or ask for a quote online.

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