The Rise of the Video Doorbell

The Rise of the Video Doorbell

With around 7.9 million video doorbells sold worldwide in 2020 alone, it’s clear they’re a popular choice for protecting homes. This security trend is set to continue, with sales predicted to rise by 27% this year.

But what are video doorbells, when were they invented, and why are they so popular with homeowners? Read on to learn more…

When were video doorbells invented?

The precursor to the modern video doorbell was CCTV surveillance, which was first used to deter crime as early as the late 60s. However, these systems were very expensive, and therefore, gated off to most homeowners. This changed in the late 90s, when digital video recorders and IP cameras finally opened up the market.

The first video doorbell was invented by entrepreneur, Jamie Siminoff. Released to the public in November 2013, Siminoff’s ‘DoorBot’ video doorbell had sold all 20,000 units by 2014. This video doorbell was priced at $199 dollars and featured an ‘eye-like’ camera design.

Video doorbells have come a long way since the DoorBot. Now a staple of home security systems, many video surveillance and intruder alarm systems feature video doorbells as standard.

How video doorbells work

Video doorbells work in a similar way to smart CCTV surveillance systems. They feature a camera that records the area around your door, and a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can speak with any visitors on your doorstep. If someone approaches your door, this motion will be detected, and a notification sent to your phone via Wi-Fi.

When you receive a notification, you can log onto an application on your smartphone, tablet or smart device to see who’s paying you a visit. You can also use the app to access the camera when you just want to see what’s going on around your home.

The recordings are stored either on a micro-SD card or via cloud storage, meaning you can access them later on to see who visited whilst you were out. Many video doorbells also include features to eliminate unnecessary notifications due to the motion of pets, cars or trees outside your home,

The benefits of video doorbells

There are many benefits to installing a video doorbell as part of your home security system

  • Security – Video doorbells keep your home extra safe, deterring burglars and enabling you to see who’s at your door from a safe distance. Plus, if vandals or burglars do strike, a video doorbell provides a strong source of evidence.
  • Convenience – With a video doorbell, you can screen visitors and keep a watch on your home from wherever you are.
  • Monitoring – Ever missed an important delivery or even had a package stolen? Never again! Video doorbells enable you to keep an eye on your deliveries – and make sure family members return home safely, too.
  • Night vision – Many video doorbells feature night vision technology, so you can see any night-time visitors clearly, no matter the hour.

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