Top 4 Benefits of Digital Video Surveillance Systems

We live in a world fuelled by modern technology, helping us out in almost every aspect of our daily lives. And property security is no different. Video surveillance cameras have come a long way since the days of grainy analogue film footage that takes hours to sift through.

Digital video surveillance systems are here to stay, offering a number of benefits for your home and business. Keep reading to discover the top 4 benefits of digital surveillance systems.

Identifying culprits

One of the key advantages of digital video surveillance over analogue alternatives is its ability to clearly see what is happening on the film, good or bad. If you’re unfortunate enough to fall victim to a robbery or employee wrongdoing, it is important to be able to identify the culprit and resolve the issue quickly and effectively. With high-resolution camera footage, the search for the perpetrator will be much easier.

Preventing crimes

For most people, the main motivation for installing digital video surveillance in their home and business is to protect their property, loved ones and employees. With live video footage, which you can view from almost anywhere on a smartphone or tablet, you can monitor your property at all times, calling emergency services as soon as you notice a problem. This massively reduces the risk of any damage to your property or harm to those inside it.


With digital video surveillance, you can observe your property at all times. Whether you’re keeping an eye on your employees or making sure your home is protected, a digital surveillance system allows you to stay in the know. That gives you complete peace of mind, wherever in the world you might be.

Digital CCTV footage is also stored on digital recording systems, making it much easier to take a closer look at files from specific cameras and times, in the case of a burglary or workplace incident, for instance.

Keep your property safe with Selectron

Selectron offers a range of digital video surveillance systems to secure and protect your property. We work closely with the Bermuda Police Service to ensure our products are of the highest standard to help them identify and trace thieves or vandals.

Installing and supplying CCTV for both residential and commercial purposes, we can provide you with peace of mind that you, your property and your loved ones are completely safe at all times.

Make Your Home Safer

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