What Are the Different Types of Access Control System?

What Are the Different Types of Access Control System?

Controlling who enters your property is an invaluable security facility for businesses in almost any sector. But the requirements of a small tech start-up will no doubt be different to those of an established finance company, for example.

Thankfully, there are a variety of access control systems to suit your budget, needs and preferences. Read on as we take a closer look at six different types of access control system.

1. Keypad

Arguably the most familiar form of access control is the keypad entry system. As the name suggests, it requires a code to be entered via a keypad which then grants access to the premises or just a specific room.

2. Card

Alternatively, access can be granted with a card. Many users find this more convenient than a keypad entry, as it means there’s no need to remember yet another code on top of all your personal passwords and PIN codes. Users simply need to swipe their card or hold it against the card reader to gain access.

3. Keypad and card

If you want a bit more flexibility, you can combine the two options above for a keypad and card access system. This gives users the option of using their card or entering the pass-code to gain entry. It’s useful as a backup when cards are lost, for example, or just if someone prefers either method.

4. Fingerprint

While key-codes and cards can get into the wrong hands, fingerprint systems are practically unbreakable. Once authorised users have had their fingerprint scanned and added to the system, they can simply press their finger against a scanner to gain entry to a building or room.

5. Iris recognition

Similar to a fingerprint access control system, iris recognition permits entry using something that’s unique to each user – in this case, their eyes. More specifically, a camera is used to scan the unique patterns in the ring surrounding their pupil.

When a person’s iris is matched to an authorised account, they can enter. It’s also the first completely contactless system on the list, although users do have to stand within a certain distance of the scanner.

6. Bluetooth

One of the best things about fingerprint and iris recognition is that they work using features that people have on them at all times. In the modern day, it’s hard to argue that Bluetooth doesn’t fall into the same category.

Today, almost every person has a smartphone, which goes with them practically everywhere. Bluetooth access systems can be used alongside an app where you can sign into an authorised account on your phone before scanning your device, or simply by having authorised devices which the scanner recognises.

Get the right access control system for you

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