What Are the Most Common Types of Household Leak?

What Are the Most Common Types of Household Leak?

A leak in your home can cause serious damage and considerable stress. That’s not even mentioning the cost to repair the leak and the damage. With 10% of homes experiencing a leak each year, it’s important that you know all about the leaks that happen in your home and how to stop them…

In this post, we’ll look at the most common household leaks and how to prepare for the unexpected.


Leaking toilets are one of the most common household leaks. That’s down in part to them being one of the most frequently used appliances in the home. Worst of all, some of the leaks may be invisible and silent, with water leaking out undetected.

Loose parts, such as the handle, are one sign of a potentially leaky toilet. However, you can also check the fill valve and flapper for leaks.

Shower and bathtub

Again, being used daily, showers or bathtubs can develop leaks over time. In many cases, these are down to sealing breaking down around the shower or bath. Without being identified, water will continue to leak out of your shower or bath and into the walls or floor space, which could eventually cause costly damage.

This creates the illusion that your home is occupied, to deter any opportunist thieves. Similarly, automated lighting can be set to come on at certain times and can be controlled through a remote device. This give the appearance of somebody being at home, when you’re actually on holiday or just at work.

Faucets and pipes

A leaking faucet isn’t a huge problem, other than wasting water, as the water dripping out of it will run into the sink and down the drains. However, a more serious issue comes if the pipes leading to your sink wear down.

With water pressure pushing water through these pipes and into your faucets, a burst pipe can result in a huge leak and a lot of damage.


Whether it’s a dishwasher or a washing machine for laundry, appliances using water are another big cause of leaks in the home. Because they’re connected to your water supply, any break in the connection can cause a lot of water to spill out.

Detecting leaks

The longer a leak goes undetected, the more damage it will cause in your home. That’s why it’s important to check the areas around your toilet, shower and bathtubs for any slow, progressive leaks.

However, with appliances and pipes, things are more immediate. Leaks can occur suddenly at any time and can flood your home in a matter of minutes. If you’re at home, the first step is to quickly turn off your water supply. But what if the leak occurs while you’re asleep or out of the house?

Automatic leak detection

With innovative leak detection products, you can protect your home around the clock. The Leak Gopher water and leak management system detects leaks and shuts off water flow immediately.

With internet connectivity, it can also send you an instant notification by text and email to alert you that a leak has occurred. You’ll only have to pay to have the leaking appliance or pipe fixed, rather than forking out hundreds and thousands to replace carpets, furniture or other possessions.

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